AU Musical Events: Bartok’s B-day!

Ultra-famous Hungarian composer Bela Bartok turns 134 this week (he’s not still alive, silly!) and AU’s music students, big fans, are paying him tribute for his big day!

Stop by the Katzen rotunda this Friday, March 27 (his birthday is actually the 25th) at 12:30 to hear AU’s string students and faculty big up the great composer by performing not one, not two, not three, but all 44 of his violin duets! Originally written for two violins, they will be interpreted by all of the performers on various strings and such.

If you’re a superfan of Bartok, strings, or our string students and faculty, you can stay for all 44! All will surely be impressed by your endurance and fansmanship.

Here’s the official facebook event, and here’s an unofficial (but more popular) one! Seeya there!