New Scores!

Just look at all these scores!


Adler – Two Southern Appalachian Folk Songs for violin and piano – M221 .A33 S6 2014

Baksa- Duo Sonata no. 6 for violin and viola – M287 .B296 D883 2014

Bartok – Violin Concerto no. 2 – M1013 .B33 no.2 1990z

Beethoven – Sonatas for Piano and Violin – M219 .B416 B672 1978 v.2

Bennett – Partita study score – M1003 .B466 P37 2014

Boehm – Fantaisie sur des themes ecossais for flute and piano – M242 .B67 F2 2002

Bolcom – Graceful Ghost Rag Concert Variation for viola and piano – M228 .B65 G73 2014

Cage – Sixteen Dances for piano – M30 .C25 D36 2013

Benny Goodman: Composer/Artist – M248 .B46 1980

Dvorak – Violin Concerto in A minor – M1013 .D967 op.53 B3 2013

Haydn – Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C major – M1023 .H39 H.VIIg 1900z

Kernis – String Quartet no. 2 (Musica Instrumentalis) – M452 .K39 no.2 2014

Lansky – Book of Memory: Suite for Flute, Viola and Harp – M382 .L298 B66 2014

Mendelssohn – Sonata for Piano and Violincello in B-Flat Major, op. 45 – M231 .M53 op.45 2001

Mozart – Horn Quintet in Eb Major – M562 .M68 K.407 2010

Pärt – Fratres for viola and piano – M226 .P126 F73 2005

Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel for viola and piano – M228 .P37 S65 2009

Pärt – Summa for string quartet – M454 .P377 S86 2011

Piazzolla – Le Grand Tango for baritone sax and piano – M269 .P534 G73 2014

Quantz – Six Duets for two flutes – M289 .Q83 D84 1976 v.1

Ran – Logan Promenades for two trumpets – M289 .R26 L65 2014

Schubert – Variation on the lied “Trockne Blumen” for flute and piano – M242 .S37 D.802 2004

Schwartz & Zimmer – The Prince of Egypt piano, guitar & vocal score – M1508 .S41 P75 1998

Weber – Clarinet concerto in E# major – M1025 .W37 op.74 1995

Weber – Concerto no. 1 in F minor for clarinet and piano – M1025 .W37 op.73 1958

Williams – Flos Campi study score – M1014 .V28 F5 2014

Williams – Norfolk Rhapsody No. 2 study score – M1045 .V38 N672 no. 2 2014

New CD Arrivals!

Little did you know that once again we at the music library are sitting on a big ol’ pile of new CD arrivals! These are all hip hop CDs, and will be on reserve for a college writing seminar that focuses on the language of hip hop. Sounds pretty cool…

And the arrivals are:

Queen Latifah – Black Reign – CD 10382

Monie Love – In A Word Or 2 – CD 10383

Fu-Schnickens’ – F.U. “Don’t Take It Personal” – CD 10384

Jungle Brothers – Done By The Forces Of Nature – CD 10385

Common – Resurrection – CD 10386

Queen Latifah – Queen Latifah and the Original Flavor Unit – CD 10387

Chi-Ali – The Fabulous Chi-Ali – CD 10388

Black Sheep – Non-Fiction – CD 10389

Queen Latifah – Nature Of A Sista’ – CD 10390

Fu-Schnickens’ – Nervous Breakdown – CD 10391

Jungle Brothers – Raw Deluxe – CD 10392

Jungle Brothers – J. Beez Wit The Remedy – CD 10393

Monie Love – Down To Earth – CD 10398

Four CD’s of Beauty and Wonder

Howdy loyal patrons, friends, enemies, and all other readers who don’t fall into those categories!

We have four new exciting CD’s in for your perusing benefit!

Intimate Letters – Juilliard String Quartet – CD 10394

Hanson Conducts Hanson – Howard Hanson – CD 10395

Toward the Unknown Region – Vaughan Williams – CD 10396

Sprung Rhythm – Inscape – CD 10397

Come by and check them out!

Also, the Hanson and the Vaughan Williams are on reserve since the AU Symphony Orchestra will be performing selections included on these discs on April 24th and 25th.

More New Arrivals

At this point it’s getting ridiculous, but the show must go on, and for that we need as much new music as possible!



Sousa – The Gladiator March – M459 .S68 G53 2010

Picker – Arias: Baritone/Bass – M1507 .P48 A754 2014

Picker – Arias: Mezzo-Soprano – M1507 .P48 A752 2014



The Miles Davis Quintet feat. John Coltrane – All of You: The Last Tour 1960 – CD 2353

Eric Bartlett – The Essence of Cello – CD 2358

Kashkashian/Magen/Piccinini – Tre Voci – CD 2366

Weihnachten Durch die Jahrhunderte / Christmas Throughout the Centuries – CD 2475

The Thirteen Chamber Choir, dir. Matthew Robertson – …to St. Cecilia – CD 2493

Brand New Arrivals!

Hey everybody, guess what? After all the new arrivals in the past couple of weeks, we just got some more! Definitely starting the year off strong.



FitzPatrick, Barefield & Ryan – Occident Meets Orient – CD 2367

The Last Ship – Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 2370

Venice – Original Cast Recording – CD 2371

Austin Symphony Orchestra – Edward Burlingame Hill Symphony No. 4 – CD 2402

Dub Dynasty – Thundering Mantis – CD 2441



Adler – Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso for Flute and Piano – M242 .A237 R29 2014

Bach – Six Suites for Cello Solo – M52 .B118 S8 1950

Barab – Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (reduction) – M1206 .B33 C6 2014

Boccherini – Sonata No. 6 for Cello and Piano – M231 .B66 no. 6

Brahms – Sonata in D Major for Cello and Piano – M236 .B74 op. 78 1975

Chopin – Sonata in G Minor for Cello and Piano – M231 .C54 op. 65 1997

Dragonetti – Twelve Waltzes for Double Bass Solo – M56 .D73 W3 2007

Dun – Eight Memories in Watercolor for Guitar Duo – M293 .T26 M4 2014

Gabrielli – 7 Ricercari for Cello – M52 .G22 1975

Gliere – Suite for Violin/Viola and Double Bass – M287 .G6 S9 2003

Hummel – Fantasie for Viola and Orchestra – M1015 .H86 op. 94 1980

Karchin – Four Sketches for Solo Violin – M42 .K365 S5 2014

Karchin – Lyrics II for Piano – M25 .K368 L9 2014

Kodaly – Sonate for Cello – M52 .K633 op. 8 1952

Picker – Arias for Soprano and Piano – M1507 .P48 A75 2014

Picker – Arias for Tenor and Piano – M1507 .P53 A753 2014

Prokofiev – Sonata in C Major for Cello and Piano – M231 .P918 op. 119 1958

Ran – Birds of Paradise for Flute and Piano – M242 .R255 B5 2014

Schumann – Concerto for Cello, op. 129 – M1017 .S38 op. 129 1995

Serebrier – Tango in Blue for Violin and Piano – M223 .S47 T3 2014

Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 for Cello and Piano – M1017 .S56 op. 107 1960

Vivaldi – Sonata No. 5 for String Bass and Piano – M238 .V25 S6 1955

Yi – Three Bagatelles from China West for Clarinet and Piano – M242 .C44 B34 2014

Zaimont – JoyDance in Spring for Strings – M1145 .Z25 J6 2012

Sweet New Arrivals: Shadow & Simon

As you saw yesterday, we just procured a large batch of new CDs. I’d like to take this time to highlight two personal favorites. These two CDs are very different from each other but both are tremendously important to the development of popular music. Each represents both a perfection of style and a watershed moment, shaping the sound of their respective genres while representing the best each had to offer.


DJ Shadow – Endtroducing….. (1996)

As far as sample-based hip hop production goes, it’s hard to top this album. While other great albums preceding it made use of extensive, creative sampling (Paul’s Boutique, Three Feet High & Rising, It Takes A Nation Of Millions…, etc.), their producers used the samples to create a backdrop for the featured rapper. Endtroducing….. features no rapper, and relies on scores of samples to provide a thematic narrative. DJ Shadow’s creative chopping of drum breaks, sampled rap lyrics, atmospheric pieces and movie dialogue keeps the album interesting throughout.

What truly stands out about Endtroducing….., however, is its compositional ambition. The songs stretch out into epic, jazzy expanses, often far longer than a traditional hip hop record. In fact, this album was such a jump from the traditional use of samples and breaks that it led to the new genre of “trip hop,” sort of a bridge between ambient music, psychedelia and jazz, anchored by rap beats. On this album the line was forever blurred between hip hop grooves and avant-garde musical exploration, and we can thank it for a wealth of creative hip hop that has since followed.


Paul Simon – Graceland (1986)

Ah, Graceland. The sight of it in our “new CDs” pile gives me an intense feeling of joy, as this is one of the best pop albums I’ve ever heard and (probably) that was ever made. Suffering from a failing marriage and a commercial slump in the early 1980s, singer-songwriter Paul Simon was inspired by a cassette of South African music and went to the apartheid-stricken country to record with some of the musicians there. After this trip he returned to New York City and wandered the streets, composing an incredible set of soul-searching, heart bearing, romantic but realistic lyrics. These lyrics rest among Simon’s best, often surrealistic, fantastical or futuristic, but all managing to hit upon beautiful understatements on the trials and tribulations of interpersonal relationships. They form a uniquely American point of view that meshes strangely well with the African musical background.

And what a background it is! Unstoppable percussion grooves and liquid bass lines anchor exuberantly twinkling guitar runs, conjuring a dreamlike state. Often the vocalists of South African a cappella group Ladysmith Black Mambazo sweep in, a tapestry of vocal timbre. These elements, previously unintroduced to American pop music, took Simon’s stellar set of lyrics to the next level, and paired with the occasional electronic drum kit and saxophone were able to create a pop sound that had never before been reached. Graceland truly represents the amazing possibilities of blending international pop styles, and it is a high watermark in pop musical history that has yet to be equaled- it’s hard to imagine such perfect chemistry occurring again.

Did I sell these well? Come check them out and see if they’re worth my hype. Or don’t, and I’ll keep listening to them during my shifts, it’s okay.

A Bunch of New CDs!













Hello, hello, happy Thursday evening, hope it doesn’t find you too thirsty! Guess what, we’ve got a bunch of new CDs for you to check out for the weekend, all kinds of genres! I’ll be covering a couple of them in further detail tomorrow, but for now here’s a list.


Jean Grae – The Attack of the Attacking Things – CD 1960

The Slits – Cut – CD 8287

Paul Simon – Graceland – CD 2365

DJ Shadow – Endtroducing – CD 2435

Aaliyah – One in a Million – CD 4473

Soli Chamber Ensemble – Música, Por Un Tiempo – CD 2504

Fort Worth Opera – With Blood, With Ink – CD 2270

Delfeayo Marsalis – The Last Southern Gentleman – CD 2273

The President’s Own United States Marine Band – Be Glad Then, America – CD 2100

Mason Bates – Stereo is King – CD 8288

Massilia Sound System – Massilia – CD 2097