New Scores for Summer

New Scores for Summer

Many, many new scores for your perusal! Check them out on the new stuff cart. Links coming as soon as the library catalog switches over in a few weeks.

Yann Tiersen, Piano Works (solo piano, includes music from the film Amelie) M22 .T53 P52 2011
Samuel Adler, Four Choreographies (solo piano) M24 .A25 C4 2017
Howard Hanson, Symphonic Rhapsody, Op. 14 (solo piano, ed. Scott Watkins) M25 .H251 S989 2017

Emmanuel Sejourne, Attraction Solo (solo percussion and tape) M146 .S456 A88 2017
Keiko Abe, Works for Solo Marimba (marimba) M175 .X6 A232 1997

William Bolcom, Primer and Other Duets for One Piano/Four Hands (piano four-hands) M204 .B65 P75 2017
Stephen Sondheim, Concertino for Two Pianos (two pianos, four hands) M214 .S694 C6 2017
Fritz Kreisler, Tambourin Chinois (arr. George Hamilton Green, xylophone and piano) M285 .X9 K67 2014
J.S. Bach, Fifteen Two-Part Inventions (saxophone duet, arr. Larry Teal) M289 .B21 I52 1969
Astor Piazzolla, Tango Suite para duo guitarras (marimba duet, arr. Kevin Super) M298 .P53 T36 1998
Ivan Trevino, 2+1 (marimba duet) M298 .T74 T96 2013

Bedrich Smetana, Trio in G minor (piano, violin, ‘cello) M312 .S637 op.15 2008
Carlos Jobim, Music of Antonio Carlos Jobim (piano trio, arr. Bert Ligon) M313 .J612 M87 2016
Peter Schickele, Dances for Three (two clarinets, bassoon) M357.2 .S27 D3 1986

Emma Lou Diemer, Movement (flute, oboe, clarinet, piano) M417 .D558 M6 2017
Philip Glass, Company No. 2 (string quartet, or string orchestra) M452 .G53 C66 2000z
Anton Webern, Langsamer Satz (string quartet) M452 .W37 L41 1965
Flor Peeters, Suite (trombone quartet) M457 .P46 op.82 1959
Paul Lansky, Springs (percussion quartet) M485 .L298 S67 2017

Eric Ewazen, Roaring Fork (wind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) M557 .E93 R63 1997

Shulamit Ran, Violin Concerto (piano reduction and violin part) M1013 .R175 C6 2017
Anders Koppel, Concerto No. 1 (marimba and orchestra/piano reduction) M1039.4 .X9 K66 2015
Chen Yi, The Ancient Chinese Beauty (recorders and string orchestra, score) M1134 .R4 C54 2008
Kiu-Kwong Chung, Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble (solo marimba w/piano reduction) M1206 .C48 C6 2011

Alan Menken, Beauty and the Beast (vocal selections, 2017 film) M1508 .M35 B43 2017
Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Dear Evan Hansen (vocal selections) M1508 .P369 D43 2017
Iris Rainer Dart, The People in the Picture (vocal selections) M1508 .S755 P41 2011
Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, The Greatest Showman (vocal selections) M1527 .P47 G73 2017

American Art Songs For the Progressing Soprano (piano/vocal) M1619 .A492 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Mezzo-soprano (piano/vocal) M1619 .A483 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Tenor (piano/vocal) M1619 .A493 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Baritone/Bass (piano/vocal) M1619 .A48 2017

Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Complete (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .D98 B63 1997
Joni Mitchell, Hits (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .M59 J6 2009
Joni Mitchell, Anthology (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .M69 J66 1983
Songs of the 2010s
 (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .S6586 2015

Corinne Bailey Rae, Corinne Bailey Rae (piano/vocal/guitar) M1741.18 .B35 C67 2006

Richard Danielpour, Toward a Season of Peace (soprano, chorus, orchestra; piano/vocal score) M2023 .D36 T6 2017




AU Musical Events: Bartok’s B-day!

Ultra-famous Hungarian composer Bela Bartok turns 134 this week (he’s not still alive, silly!) and AU’s music students, big fans, are paying him tribute for his big day!

Stop by the Katzen rotunda this Friday, March 27 (his birthday is actually the 25th) at 12:30 to hear AU’s string students and faculty big up the great composer by performing not one, not two, not three, but all 44 of his violin duets! Originally written for two violins, they will be interpreted by all of the performers on various strings and such.

If you’re a superfan of Bartok, strings, or our string students and faculty, you can stay for all 44! All will surely be impressed by your endurance and fansmanship.

Here’s the official facebook event, and here’s an unofficial (but more popular) one! Seeya there!

Brand New Arrivals!

Hey everybody, guess what? After all the new arrivals in the past couple of weeks, we just got some more! Definitely starting the year off strong.



FitzPatrick, Barefield & Ryan – Occident Meets Orient – CD 2367

The Last Ship – Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 2370

Venice – Original Cast Recording – CD 2371

Austin Symphony Orchestra – Edward Burlingame Hill Symphony No. 4 – CD 2402

Dub Dynasty – Thundering Mantis – CD 2441



Adler – Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso for Flute and Piano – M242 .A237 R29 2014

Bach – Six Suites for Cello Solo – M52 .B118 S8 1950

Barab – Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (reduction) – M1206 .B33 C6 2014

Boccherini – Sonata No. 6 for Cello and Piano – M231 .B66 no. 6

Brahms – Sonata in D Major for Cello and Piano – M236 .B74 op. 78 1975

Chopin – Sonata in G Minor for Cello and Piano – M231 .C54 op. 65 1997

Dragonetti – Twelve Waltzes for Double Bass Solo – M56 .D73 W3 2007

Dun – Eight Memories in Watercolor for Guitar Duo – M293 .T26 M4 2014

Gabrielli – 7 Ricercari for Cello – M52 .G22 1975

Gliere – Suite for Violin/Viola and Double Bass – M287 .G6 S9 2003

Hummel – Fantasie for Viola and Orchestra – M1015 .H86 op. 94 1980

Karchin – Four Sketches for Solo Violin – M42 .K365 S5 2014

Karchin – Lyrics II for Piano – M25 .K368 L9 2014

Kodaly – Sonate for Cello – M52 .K633 op. 8 1952

Picker – Arias for Soprano and Piano – M1507 .P48 A75 2014

Picker – Arias for Tenor and Piano – M1507 .P53 A753 2014

Prokofiev – Sonata in C Major for Cello and Piano – M231 .P918 op. 119 1958

Ran – Birds of Paradise for Flute and Piano – M242 .R255 B5 2014

Schumann – Concerto for Cello, op. 129 – M1017 .S38 op. 129 1995

Serebrier – Tango in Blue for Violin and Piano – M223 .S47 T3 2014

Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 for Cello and Piano – M1017 .S56 op. 107 1960

Vivaldi – Sonata No. 5 for String Bass and Piano – M238 .V25 S6 1955

Yi – Three Bagatelles from China West for Clarinet and Piano – M242 .C44 B34 2014

Zaimont – JoyDance in Spring for Strings – M1145 .Z25 J6 2012

New Scores!

Check it out, we had some new scores last week and now we have some more! Perfect if you needed one of these to round out your finals in some way. It’s a big list this time around.

Edward Elgar, The Overtures- M3 E45 v. 28

Vitold Lutoslawski, Chain 3 for Orchestra- M1045 .L975 C53 2002

Michael Daugherty, Flamingo- M1045 .D38 F53 2012

Stephen Paulus, Dylan Thomas Songs- M1613 .P38 D95 2013

Carl Orff, O Fortuna for Violin Solo- M33.5 .O74 C37 2013

Michael Torke, Oracle- M1045 .T599 O73 2013

J.S. Bach, Gavotte for Guitar- M129 .B23 BWV 1012 2001

Steven Stucky, Silent Spring- M1002 .S88 S55 2013

Erik Satie, Avant-dernières Pensées- M25 .S253 A93 2013

John Adams, Two Fanfares for Orchestra- M1000 .A3 T87 1986

Michael Torke, Ecstatic Orange- M1045 .T599 E28 1986


Cool DC Events: Carolina Chocolate Drops at 9:30 Club, TONIGHT

Hey readers! Got a taste for traditional folk? Heard of Carolina Chocolate Drops? If you answered yes to the first question, I sure hope you had the same answer for #2.

Originally a duo and now a four-piece, Carolina Chocolate Drops made their name in 2010 with the Grammy-winning Genuine Negro Jig, an album which conjured the sounds of African-American folk music from the ’20s and ’30s with renewed vigor. Their last album, 2012’s Leaving Eden, showed them expanding their sound with added members.

Anyways, CCD are coming to the 9:30 Club tonight as part of their current tour, drumming up anticipation for a possible upcoming album in 2015. The lineup now includes original members Rhiannon Giddens and Dom Fleming, who alternate vocals, banjo and fiddle, as well as multi-instrumentalist Rowan Corbett and cellist Malcolm Parson. Their music is based around the banjo and fiddle, including strains of jazz and blues along with more traditional folk elements.

Opening acts are Birds of Chicago, a rootsy band that combines folk with gospel, soul and doo-wop, and David Wax Museum, who “fuse traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock”. This is sure to be a night bursting with many musical traditions; don’t miss out!

Here’s the event page:

Oh, and P.S. come check out our copy of Genuine Negro Jig if you want to catch up before the show!

Cool DC Events: The Bach Sinfonia presents Chatham Baroque

If you’re a music student at AU, there’s a good chance that you’ve had Daniel Abraham as a professor. What you may not have known was that he moonlights as the conductor and artistic director of the Bach Sinfonia, a Maryland organization which hosts concerts, lectures, and other events devoted to Baroque and Classical period music (hence the name).

Anyways, this weekend the Sinfonia is hosting a performance by Chatham Baroque, a group heralded as “one of Pittsburgh’s greatest treasures” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This trio specializes in 18th and 17th Century music, making them a perfect fit for the Bach Sinfonia’s mission. What makes them special is that they perform their pieces on instruments of the period. Andrew Fouts plays Baroque violin, Patricia Halverson plays viola da gamba, and Scott Pauley plays theorbo & Baroque guitar. Hearing Baroque pieces performed on these instruments must transport listeners centuries back in time.

The event will be held at the Cultural Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD, on Saturday night, June 25th. The trio will perform works by two of Bach’s predecessors, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber and Dieterich Buxtehude, as well as several by Bach himself. According to the Sinfonia’s website, this performance will be a “reprise of the triumphant concert presented this past summer at Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston” and the only chance to catch them in D.C. this time around. If you’re a fan of Bach, Baroque music or musical history in general, this event should be a great way to spend your Saturday night (maybe with a similarly sophisticated date).

Tickets are $30 but there is a 50% student discount! Here’s the event webpage:

as well as Professor Abraham’s own page, if you’re interested in other upcoming events:


Staff Picks: Bluegrass

Welcome to our brand new staff picks!

While last week I picked an album myself and talked about how great it was, with this week begins the new face of staff picks. Every week, a different member of our staff will choose a group of albums based on a theme. This week’s featured staff member is Inti, and his theme is bluegrass. What follows is his writing, and his picks:

Bluegrass is one of my favourite forms of music, building off of common tunes and creating variations of rhythm, instrumentation, and musical ideas. Upbeat-feeling, fast-paced tunes, along with harmonic progressions from banjo, guitar, or mandolin, are recognizable facets of bluegrass. I love the implementation of mandolin into bluegrass. This multi-stringed, violin-tuned instrument is excellent at creating rhythmic changes within songs, especially evident in the music of the Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek (a fact easily explained by the legendary mandolinist, Chris Thile, shared by both!). Our music library just so happens to contain some great bluegrass CDs, and this staff pick post showcases my favorites. –Inti Figgis-Vizueta

Nickel Creek – Nickel Creek

With fast paced mandolin and banjo progressions, the combination of instrumental and lyric-accompanied music creates an enjoyable experience of rhythm-tapping and grin-inducing music.

The Punch Brothers – Punch

Punch is an album with long, instrumental songs, with variations between fiddle, banjo, and mandolin-driven musical ideas. A tad slower than Nickel Creek, “Punch” nevertheless packs a punch. An excellent accompaniment to homework.

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Genuine Negro Jig

The Carolina Chocolate Drops never cease to amaze me with their amazing vocals and the energy of their records. A revival of old American bluegrass and folk tunes, many written by people of colour, the Chocolate Drops create an album with a combination of banjo and fiddle-driven throw-downs and slower, more voice/lyric-based tunes. You’ll be humming tunes from this for days.

Chris Thile – Bach Sonatas & Partitas

Bach’s sound is recreated in Thile’s mandolin-based transposition of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. The quick and snark filled flicks of Thile’s wrist gives a new type of experience of Bach’s famously difficult multi-voiced pieces. Thile’s technical prowess on the mandolin is evident in many of these pieces, from the slower rich tones of the adagios to the incredibly fast double prestos, while his expression is pervasive throughout the whole album: that of a mandolin prodigy giving his modern and beautiful interpretation of Bach.

Nathaniel Smith – Arrhythmia

A relatively new CD to our collection, Arrhythmia is an album that blends elements of jazz, fiddle, and folk music into an interesting collection of cello-driven pieces. While not specifically bluegrass, these lilting tunes are an easy listen. While these melodies become a tad repetitive, this makes for a good falling asleep album.