Broadway Double Feature Friday: Heathers The Musical

Broadway Double Feature Friday: Heathers The Musical

Welcome to Feature Fridays! Every week, the AU music library staff will be highlighting a different CD or artist from our collection.

This week, Student Assistant Dan McCahon reviews Heathers The Musical with music, lyrics, and a book by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy.


Heathers The Musical is based on the cult-classic film of the same name released in 1989. It is a dark comedy of twists and turns, with the main protagonist Veronica grappling with the dramas and woes of high school, strung together by the girls at the top: the Heathers.

The opening track “Beautiful” is a ballad based on Veronica’s diary entry, as she struggles with the changes that come with growing up. “Then we got bigger that was the trigger…college will be paradise if I’m not dead by June.” Veronica’s morbidity and cynicism are put up against her hope for the future: “If we changed back then, we could change again, we can be beautiful…life can be beautiful.” The song introduces the Heathers, the main antagonists for a majority of the show. “They float above it all,” referencing their inability to be bothered by the stressors of high school, which students attribute to their beauty. Veronica aims to cozy up to the Heathers to make high school more bearable, and succeeds, with the song concluding with Veronica becoming beautiful just like the Heathers. “Heather, Heather, Heather, and Veronica?!”

“Candy Store” is the second track and denotes the first act conflict between Veronica and the Heathers as Veronica tries to understand her identity among the Heathers against who she is to her childhood best friend. These two songs underscore the main themes of the show, at least until it runs off the rails into the second act. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that this is a musical worth listening to if not for its fantastic vocalists, then for the plot twists that accompany its stellar tracks.


Feature Fridays: Good Ol’ Girls

Feature Fridays: Good Ol’ Girls

Welcome to Feature Fridays! Every week, the AU music library staff will be highlighting a different CD or artist from our collection.

This week, Student Assistant Camille Cote will review Good Ol’ Girls by Paul Ferguson.

Our blogger (who normally sets up these posts) has been out for her wisdom teeth, so apologies for the lateness of this review!


It is obscure musical Friday again! This week, we bring you Good Ol’ Girls written and adapted by Paul Ferguson. To be perfectly honest, I could not find extensive information on the musical itself, but the songs have that slight old style country flair and plenty of female harmonies, so how could I not be a fan?! The songs are written by various Nashville-based writers including Matraca Berg and Marshall Chapman. These writers wrote songs for musicians such as The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, and Jimmy Buffett, and you can tell. The slogan of the musical is “come for the music, stay for the stories.” However, truly, I would go for the music. It is full of beautiful harmonies, and truly, it is just full of bops. I have long been a country music hater (sorry to the 5 of you I have deeply offended) but all of a sudden all my favorite musicals have a country flair and I have to admit it, so even if you think this may not be for you, give it a try!

Come by the Music Library to check out this album! If you like it, we suggest other country-tinged musicals like Bright Star, Das Barbecuand King of Hearts, along with country albums like The Dixie Chicks’ Fly.

Feature Fridays: Altar Boyz

Feature Fridays: Altar Boyz

Welcome to Feature Fridays! Every week, the AU music library staff will be highlighting a different CD or artist from our collection. 

This week, Camille Cote will review Altar Boyz (music and lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker).


Altar Boyz is basically, what happens when you combine an era musical with a Disney Channel boy band, and that is why it was one of my favorite things to listen to in the music library last semester. We have a huge variety of musical theatre CDs in the music library including many virtually unknown musicals, and so far, this is the most enjoyable “obscure” musical I have listened to.

Honestly, if you are having a rough day, listen to this musical and enjoy a bit of a laugh. The musical satirizes both Boy Bands and Christian Rock bands. A particular favorite of mine is “rhythm in me” which is very reminiscent of the “Boyz in Motion” from That’s so Raven, so honestly, you cannot go wrong. I highly recommend giving this a listen!  

The AU Music Library is home to musicals and boy band CDs alike, such as Book of Mormon and No Strings Attached by N Sync. Come check out our selection, or browse using the link below:

Grammy Nominees in Our Collection

The 59th Annual Grammy awards are on February 12! We have many of the albums and songs nominated, whether on CD or on Naxos Streaming.


As an AU Student or staff, you have free access to the entire Naxos Music Library. Naxos has curated playlists of Grammy Nominated songs and albums in their collection which you can stream at home.

Find the Playlist of Grammy Nominees and the Highlights playlist here


We also have several Grammy-nominated albums on CD!

beyonceBeyoncé-Lemonade Won Best Urban Contemporary Album, Formation won Best Music Video, Nominated for Album of the Year, Freedom nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance,  Formation nominated for Record of the Year, Hold Up nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance, Don’t Hurt Yourself nominated for best Rock Performance

Listen: CD 2756



Panic at the Disco-Death of a Bachelor Nominated for Best Rock Album

Listen: CD2724



solangeSolange-A Seat at the Table Cranes in the Sky won Best R&B performance

Listen: CD 2771



fredherschtrio_sundaynightatthevillagevanguard_dm.jpgFred Hersch-Sunday Night at the Vanguard We See nominated for Best improvised jazz solo 

Listen: CD 2742



61lFGUTp9OL.jpgSara Bareilles-Waitress Nominated for Best Musical Theater Album

Listen: CD 2729




Jerry Bock-Fiddler on the Roof 
Nominated for Best Musical Theater Album

Listen: CD 2521



CP-0091C-CastRecording-CD-Cover-Fin.inddThe Color Purple (New Broadway Cast) Won Best Musical Theater Album

Listen: CD 2523



birhgtBright Star-Steve Martin Nominated for Best Musical Theater Album

Listen: CD 2556




John Williams-Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack Won Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media

Listen: CD 2628



The_Hateful_Eight_Soundtrack.jpgEnnio Morricone-The Hateful Eight Soundtrack Nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media 

Listen: CD 2632



shuffle-along-300x298Sissle and Blake Sing Shuffle Along Won Best Album Notes


Listen: CD 2562

Also on Naxos


71zhk4yfvbl-_sy355_Vladimir Horowitz-The Unreleased Live Recordings 1966-1983 Nominated for Best Historical Album

Listen on Naxos




Music Of Morocco From The Library Of Congress: Recorded By Paul Bowles Nominated for Best Historical Album

Listen: CD 2351



operaLA Opera directed by James Conlon-Corigliano: The Ghost of Versailles Won Best Opera Recording         

Listen on Naxos                           




Happy Listening! We’ll update this post with the winners.


AU Musical Events: New Student Showcase, 9/19 & 9/20

It’s still only September and already we have ourselves a great AU Musical Event! I get really excited about these events because they give me good stuff to write about while supporting AU’s music culture. Anyways…

A very special musical event is coming to the Greenberg Theatre this weekend. This event, formally titled OVERTURE, is a showcase of the new DPA talents in the freshman class of 2018 (2018? Oh god, I’m old)!

In what the event page calls an “unforgettable rite of passage,” a collection of AU freshmen will perform songs, scenes and monologues, introducing themselves to the AU arts community in all of their freshness. It’s a move that takes a lot of chutzpah, and I believe that anybody willing to herald their arrival in a new environment in such a bold manner will have a great future at AU.

Join this exciting event on Friday, 9/19 and Saturday 9/20 at Greenberg Theatre, from 8-10pm. Tickets are $5. For more information and a link to buy tickets, follow this link:

And here’s the Facebook event page:


AU Musical Events: The Alchemist

Sup, AU folks? Looking for a Valentine’s weekend activity? Did you catch yesterday’s post about the Concerto Competition? Problem solved!

Unless, of course, you prefer theater. In which case, there’s an entirely different option for you this weekend, which is the topic of today’s post: Four showings of the classic Ben Jonson comedy The Alchemist, directed by the DPA’s own professor Karl Kippola are happening this weekend at the Greenberg Theatre!

The Alchemist was first performed in 1610 by the King’s Men (a troupe which Bill Shakespeare was a member of). A satire of the folly of those with high ego and low ambition (who would hope to be able to turn lead to gold, or get something for nothing), its message still rings true today.

Musical accompaniment for this performance (composed by Handel for the original comedy) will be provided by AU’s Chamber Orchestra, conducted by DPA professor Yaniv Dinur. There will be three 8 PM performances (Thursday the 13th, Valentines’ Eve and Saturday the 15th) and one matinee show on the 15th at 2 pm. The matinee show will be followed by a discussion by two AU professors on the history of alchemy and society!

Tickets are $15 for the general public and $10 for AU community members and seniors- a great deal for what looks like a funny, entertaining and intriguing night of comedy!

New Arrivals!

Suddenly got lots of spare summer time to fill? Come check out some new CDs and scores from the Music Library! We’re open from 9 – 5 Monday through Friday.


New CDs!

The Golden Ticket: A New Opera based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Peter Ash – CD 10180

Things Fall Apart, Roger C. Vogel – CD 10181

The Postman and the Poet (Original Cast Recording), Michael Jeffrey – CD 10182

Chaplin, The Musical: Original Broadway Cast Recording, Christopher Curtis – CD 10183

The $100 Guitar Project – CD 10184

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2012 New Broadway Cast Recording), Rupert Holmes – CD 10185

New Scores!

Elvis Everywhere: for String Quartet and Tape, Michael Daugherty – M 585 .D38 E48 2010