New CDs! Hoorah!

New CDs, y’all. Shazam.

Something Rotten! A Very New Musical, Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick — CD 10446

Finding Neverland, Gary Barlow & Eliot Kennedy — CD 10447

A Long Christmas Dinner, Paul Hindemith — CD 10444

Hansel and Gretel, Justin Roberts — CD 10445

The Visit: A New Musical, John Kander — CD 10443

Voyageurs, Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys — CD 10449

Complete Crumb Edition, George Crumb — CD 10438


New score arrivals!

Check ’em out below!

Sight-Reading Pieces for B-Flat Instruments and Piano — M260 .S53 2012

Sight-Reading Pieces for Low Brass Instruments and Piano — M262 .S54 2012

Ben Folds — Best Imitation of Myself — M1630.18 .F637 B48 2012

Jason Robert Brown — Bridges of Madison County — M1508 .B88 B75 2014

Theobald Boehm — Twelve Grand Studies — MT345 .B62 op.15 2003

Haskell W. Harr — Drum Method — MT662.2 .H36 2007

Aldo Rafael Forte — American Sketches — M457.2 .F667 A4 1997

Akira Miyoshi — Ripple — M175 .X6 M59 2009

Contest pieces for Trumpet or Cornet and Piano — M260 .C67 2015

Franz Joseph Haydn — Concertos for horn and string orchestra — M1029 .H25 H.VIId/3

Sight-Reading Pieces for F or E-Flat Instruments and Piano — M256 .S53 2012

New location for our oversize CD collection!

New location for our oversize CD collection!

Exciting news, folks. There is a new and more accessible location for our oversize CD collection! ‘Twas finally time to bring them into the light. Fluorescent ceiling lighting, that is.

What are oversize CDs, you ask? Oversize CDs are essentially collections of CDs that are kept in their original packaging because they are too large to be kept in regular cases.

The oversize CD collection is now located on the bookshelf where all of the reference books used to be. The reference books are now adjacent to the reserves collection in the stacks.

A bunch of the oversize CDs have pretty rad cases and packaging. Listed below are some of the coolest ones. Come on in the music library and check ’em out. Hooray!

New location for all of the oversize CDs. Awesome sauce.
“Living, stirring, sacred songs, odes and anthems, both new and old.” Goodbye, Babylon
A secretly disguised box of candy or Girl Group Sounds? The world may never know.
A suitcase full of the best of Frank Sinatra. Literally a suitcase.
A suitcase full of the best of Frank Sinatra. Literally a suitcase.
A mini box door leading to The Doors. It’s all about “Perception.” Special treat: a built-in kaleidoscope.

New Arrivals

We’ve got a good mix of scores, CDs, and even a new DVD to tickle your fancy!

Desperate Man Blues, Discovering the Roots of American Music – Music Library DVD 144

“Story of Joe E. Bussard, Jr., whose lifelong mission is to rescue America’s roots music from oblivion. He is a musician, broadcaster and obsessive, long-time collector of 1920s and -30s American music on original 78 rpm records.”

desperate man blues

New CDs!

Hot Town, Ghost Train Orchestra – CD 1448

An American in Paris; A New Musical, Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 1442

Two’s Company, Original Cast Recording – CD 10441

The Golden Apple, John Latouche & Jerome Moross – CD 10440

Liberty, Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording – CD 10429

New Scores!

Intrada; for trumpet or horn, Otto Ketting – M 87 .K48 I5 2005

New CD Arrivals!!!

The most exciting new arrival is our new John Fahey box set, with 5 discs and a really cool book of liner notes & history! Get excited and CHECK IT OUT.

john fahey!

Fun Home, Broadway Cast Recording – CD 10430

Black Sheep, Yonder Mountain String Band – CD 10433

Tintinnabuli, Arvo Part – CD 10431

Free Jazz, Ornette Coleman Double Quartet – CD 10432

Where Will You Be Christmas Day? 24 Recordings from 1917 – 1959 – CD 10407

How Low Can You Go? Anthology Of The String Bass – CD 10435

Your Past comes Back To Haunt You; The Fonotone Years [1958 – 1965], John Fahey – CD 10406

Sicks Sicks Sicks! The Kinsey Sicks – CD 10437

I Wanna Be a Republican, The Kinsey Sicks – 10436

Dragapella, The Kinsey Sicks – CD 10434

So many horn scores. Many scores of horn. Wow.

You know you need to practice those french horn solos from Capriccio Espagnole and Tchaik 5.

Seriously…so many scores, etudes, and more. Excitement!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — Four Horn Concertos and Concert Rondo — M1029 .M94 1960

Joseph Singer — Embouchure Building for French Horn — MT 425 .S5 E4 1984

Peter Maxwell Davies — Sea Eagle: For Solo Horn — M82 .D257 S438 1990

Froydis Ree Wekre — Thoughts on Playing the Horn Well — MT 420 .W45 T5 1994

Jim Beckel — The Glass Bead Game —  M1029 .B435 G5 2001

Paul Hindemith — Sonata for Horn in F and Piano (1939) — M1029 .H56 1990z

Gabriel Parès — Pares Scales for French Horn, E Flat Alto, or Mellophone — MT 425 .P37 P37 1942

Henri Kling — 40 Characteristic Etudes — MT425 .K6 1962

Eugene Bozza — En Forêt: pour cor en fa et piano — M257 .B69 E5 1941

Leonard Bernstein — Elegy for Mippy I: for horn F/E Flat and Piano — M257 .B47 E4 1990z

G. Kopprasch — Sixty Selected Studies for Horn — MT425 .K666 op.6 2012 v.1

G. kopprasch — Sixty Selected Studies for French Horn — MT425 .K666 op.6 1939

Giovanni Punto — 5. Concerto F-Dur für Horn und Orchester — M1029 .P86 no.5 2011

Emmanuel Chabrier — Larghetto Pour Cor Et Orchestre — M1029 .C42 L3 1975

Ludwig van Beethoven — Sonate für Horn (Violoncello) und Klavier, F-Dur, op. 17 — M257 .B415 1970

Giovanni Punto — 2. Concerto E-Dur für Horn und Orchester — M1029 .P86 no.2 2007

Giovanni Punto — 11. Concerto E-Dur für Horn und Orchester — M1029 .P86 no.11 2013

Malcolm Arnold — Fantasy for Horn — M82 .A75 op.88 1966

Heinrich Gugel — 12 French Horn Etudes — MT425 .G8 2015

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — Hornquintett KV 407 (386c) Es-dur — M562 .M69 K.407 2010

Joseph Haydn — Concerto No. 2 in D Major for horn and piano — M1129 .H39 H. VIId, 4 1974

Richard Strauss — Concerto No. 1 in E Flat Major, for horn and piano, Op. 11 — M1029 .S93 no. 1

Richard Strauss — Horn Concerto No. 2 in E Flat Major, for horn and chamber orchestra — M1029 .S93 no.2 1950

Richard Strauss — Andante, op. posth: horn and piano — M257 .S82 A5 2012

New CD Arrivals!

Come check out some hip and happening new CD arrivals! We’ve got you covered for your summer listening.


The Rite of Spring, The Bad Plus – CD 10423

The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective, Ben Folds – CD 10414

For The Roses, Joni Mitchell – CD 10415

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Gil Scott-Heron – CD 10413

The Shape of Jazz to Come, Ornette Coleman – CD 10416

Fear Of A Black Planet, Public Enemy – CD 10417

OK Computer, Radiohead – CD 10418

Grace, Jeff Buckley – CD 10424

Aja, Steely Dan – CD 10419

We’re Only In It For The Money, Zappa / Mothers of Invention – CD 10420

Saturday Night Fever, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – CD 10422

Stand!, Sly and the Family Stone – CD 10421

Leave Home, Ramones – CD 10426

Rocket to Russia, Ramones – CD 10425