AU Musical Events: AUSG SUB presents Run The Jewels, TONITE

Looking to turn up to some non-stupid music? Tonight is your night, my friend. AUSG’s Student Union Board is bringing none other than hip hop power duo Run The Jewels to AU!

Run The Jewels is the collaborative project of Atlanta rapper Killer Mike and New York rapper/producer El-P. Both are rap lifers, having been in the game for decades. Mike has stunned for years with appearances on Outkast & Dungeon Family joints. El-P, meanwhile, was central in the New York Definitive Jux label and its scene, producing beloved records by Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock, and more. Both also boast a long string of successful and critically acclaimed solo albums.

Arguably more important than their legacies, however, are the moves the duo is still making to push hip hop forward as a musical form. Last year their second album, simply titled Run The Jewels 2, exploded onto the scene in an otherwise dry year for rap with a dream combo of lush but hard beats and a nasty attitude. The pair, boasting their best rapping chops, flow over El-P’s jagged beats with an intensity that it feels like they’ve waited their whole careers to unleash. Relentless touring, a steady output of videos, as well as goofy online asides like the Meow The Jewels project, have kept them in the public’s mind since this great album lapped up all the critical praise in 2014.

Opening for the duo is none other than classic comedy rap superhero Biz Markie. Known as the “Clown Prince of Hip Hop,” Biz made a name for himself in the ’80s with his goofy style. Whether you’re a hardcore Biz fan or just want to sing along with “Just A Friend” while you wait for the main act, he’s sure to pump up the party.

Don’t miss it, it’s sure to be an awesome time. Plus the music will be great! The event is tonight in the Tavern at 8. Free admission with your AU ID. This event is AU only so sadly your baby brother can’t come to this one, but that’s okay, you won’t want to share this experience with anybody!

Get there early, because it’s going to fill up fast!

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Are you excited about these new CD’s because I am!

Claude-Michel Schönberg – Highlights from the Miss Saigon- CD 10365

Eric Moe – Of Color Braided All Desire – CD 10366

Various Artists – Through the Streets of the City: New Orleans Brass Bands – CD 10380

Robert Sirota – Parting the Veil: Works for Violin and Piano – CD 10367

Varese, Pendericki, Ligeti – Ionisation – CD 10375

Herbert Victor – Dream City & the Magic Knight – CD 10369

Various Artists – From the Diamond Grid – CD 10368

Johannes Brahms & Andrea Clearfield – Convergences – CD 10379

Victor Herbert – Orange Blossoms – CD 10371

Paul Salerni – Touched: A Decade of Chamber Music – CD 10372

Charles Norman Mason, Edward Green, Dorothy Hindman, Franco Sbacco, Fred Frith – Taut – CD 10373

Vibrations of Hope: Music of the New Millenium -Browning, Fritze, Wharton, Shawn – CD 10374

Various Artists – Music from the Tudorfest: San Francisco Tape Music Center, 1964 – CD 10376

Morton Feldman – Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello – CD 10378

David Starobin – New Music with Guitar – CD 10377

Matthew McCright – Contemplations: The Music of Olivier Messiaen – CD 10381


Come check out these cool, new, and fun CD’s!

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Music Library-held Classics Inducted Into Library of Congress

Every year, the Library of Congress inducts 25 new musical recordings into the National Recording Registry. The Library’s National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB) is responsible for choosing these recordings, nominated by the public, with the criteria that they must be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” at least 10 years old.

The NRPB announced their 2015 picks today! Some great records have been inducted, including a few albums that we happen to have here in the Music Library! Not to seem braggadocious, but we were a little ahead of the game on these ones!

Among the NRPB’s new inductees include Lauryn Hill’s classic, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (pictured above), as well as The Doors’ self-titled 1967 debut (which we have as part of a larger Doors collection), and Kiss Me, Kate by Cole Porter.

Also worth noting is this writer’s all-time favorite album, Radiohead’s OK Computer, has also been inducted. While we don’t have that sterling classic (an oversight for sure), we do have its siblings The Bends and Kid A, each almost as good!

Don’t want to make the trip to the Library of Congress to check out these albums? No worries, they’re all here in Katzen, waiting for you. Although it would be nice to see the average LoC patron jamming out to “That Thing.”


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AU Musical Events: Bartok’s B-day!

Ultra-famous Hungarian composer Bela Bartok turns 134 this week (he’s not still alive, silly!) and AU’s music students, big fans, are paying him tribute for his big day!

Stop by the Katzen rotunda this Friday, March 27 (his birthday is actually the 25th) at 12:30 to hear AU’s string students and faculty big up the great composer by performing not one, not two, not three, but all 44 of his violin duets! Originally written for two violins, they will be interpreted by all of the performers on various strings and such.

If you’re a superfan of Bartok, strings, or our string students and faculty, you can stay for all 44! All will surely be impressed by your endurance and fansmanship.

Here’s the official facebook event, and here’s an unofficial (but more popular) one! Seeya there!

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New CD Arrivals!

Howdy, loyal readers and patrons! We have exciting new CD’s just in that you should check out!


Aaron Parks – Invisible Cinema – CD 10361

Laurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe – CD 10362

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra – The Pioneers of Movie Music: Sounds of the American Silent Cinema – CD 8245

Jason Robert Brown – Honeymoon in Vegas : the musical : original Broadway cast recording / music & lyrics – CD 8283

Performed by Lee Hinkle – Theatrical music for Solo Percussion – CD 8282

James Adler – Introspections – CD 7091

Stockhausen – Zyklus ; Spiral I ; Pole ; Spiral II ; Japan ; Wach ; Tierkreis ; In Freundschaft – CD 10360

Mathew Fuerst – Works for Violin and Piano – CD 10358

Vittorio Rieti – Music for harpsichord & instruments – CD 10359

The Kinks – The Anthology, 1964-1971 (Oversized) – CD 10364


Come through!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Yes, good folk, today is the day of Saint Patrick, that saint who converted the Irish to Christianity and banished all the snakes from the Emerald Isle, all while wearing some stylish green robes.

We at the music library may not all be Irish lads and lasses but we sure do like to celebrate this most viridescent of holidays! We have plenty of streaming audio (thanks to our many electronic libraries) that can provide the perfect soundtrack to your St. Patty’s merriment.

Yes, our electronic resources offer plenty, featuring many sides of Irish music. For beginners, there’s the Rough Guide to Irish Music, which is exactly what it sounds like: an introduction to the traditional sounds of the Isle. If Irish folk is your thing, we have Adieu to Old Ireland by the House Devils streaming, as well as a collection of Irish sailing songs called Ships Ahoy! and an album of folk songs performed on Irish harps called Harps d’Irlande.

If these folk songs have gotten you into the mood for this joyous day, you’re either taken up with the holiday as official Church feast day, the death date of Ireland’s patron saint, or you’re trying to party! Fear not, for we have appropriate streams for either position.

For the religiously-inclined, we have a great compilation of Irish sacred music called Irlande musique sacree. If you’re looking to have a roaring good time, look no further than this comp of the 20 best Irish pub songs, and top it off with this collection of olde irish jigs and reels.

Well, what are you doing still reading this? Go out and have yourself a time for St. Patrick, and bring your AU credentials with you so you can stream these awesome compilations!

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Sony’s New Super Cassette

Until today I thought that the cassette tape, while cute and ~aesthetic~, was 100% unnecessary, the Latin of music-listening technology. The general population listens to music digitally, intense music fans dig vinyl, and CDs still come in handy when you’re driving a pre-audio-jack automobile. However, Sony just announced a new product that will kick the old medium back to life.

This is a new tape, Sony revealed this weekend at the International Magnetic Conference in Dresden, which can hold an astounding amount of data. Here are some jawdropping statistics, courtesy of Consequence of Sound:

-148 gigabytes of data per square inch (185 terabytes total)

-74 times the normal storage capacity of a cassette tape

-the equivalent of 3700 blu-rays, 64,750,000 songs, or 18.5 times the entire Library of Congress.

The Consequence of Sound article linked above also explains the mechanism by which the new tape is able to carry so much data, but I don’t really understand it so if you’re technically-minded, feel free to learn more after that jump.

Sony says that this tape is meant more for high volumes of industrial level data storage, rather than simply listening to music. Makes sense – imagine having to fast forward through this thing to your favorite song among 135,000 days of music… yikes! But I do think it’s cool that Sony were able to reimagine such a nostalgic medium for a new purpose, in an invention that will probably make tapes necessary again, at least for a little while. Plus, it’d be really cool if the world’s major corporations stored their valuable data on a copy of C86. That’s how it works, right?

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