STPPFest This Weekend, October 5-7!

S(weet)T(ea)P(umpkin)P(ie) Fest

Hello fellow music lovers!

This weekend, a part of the S(weet)T(ea)P(umpkin)P(ie)Fest will be happening in the Kay Spiritual Center.

What is STTP? STTP is an attempt to give a little rhythm and animation to the awkwardly large mass of music available today, STPP seasons its dishes to taste. A group devoted to the review of bands big and small, from the hidden gem, fine dining acts you’ve never heard of to the tried and true, comfort food groups that you grew up on, STPP brings you buxom falls, anemic springs, and a few things in between. STPP is based in Washington, DC, but writers for the site reside all over the US and cover all things tasty.
Friday October 5th in the Kay Basement, STTPFest will be presenting the Capital Punishment Showcase.  Doors open at 7:45 pm.  Come see Shark Week, a Lo-Fi band; Teen Suicide, an indie band; and AU’s own Teen Lit.  (also, an AU Audio Tech student, Aaron Long will be working the sound)

For more information visit: STTPFest Capital Punishment Showcase