Beyoncé & Soundtracks

New CDs have arrived. If you’re taking the Beyoncé class next semester or the Epic Film Scores class, come have a listen!

Beyoncé B’day Deluxe Edition CD 2792

Beyoncé Dangerously In Love CD 2793

Destiny’s Child Destiny Fulfilled CD 2798

Destiny’s Child Survivor CD 2797

Vertigo the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD 2801

Lawrence of Arabia the World Premiere Recording of the Complete Score CD 2799


Alex’s Staff Picks: Star Whatever…

I dig sci-fi. Anyone who has been in my apartment has seen the picture of Yoda above my bed and the large collections of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Jack McDevitt, Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter on my book shelf. I chuckle at every toungue in cheek reference made by John Scalzi and I choose the video games I play because they have space ships in them. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before I took this obsession of mine and applied it to my staff picks. Here we are, five Sci-Fi themed soundtracks from out CD collection.

Star Trek TNG: Encounter at Farpoint CD 9654

Despite my introduction, don’t instantly categorize me as a Trekkie. I won’t go out of my way to view any of the series. Regardless, I had to put this first on my list. Encounter at Farpoint was the first episode of Star Trek TNG, a series that many fans declare to be the best of the bunch. The music brings me back to my childhood where I would sit and watch TNG with my parents. I had no idea what was happening or why people were jumping around whenever the camera shook, but I did think the music was really awesome. The title theme is one of the most iconic sounds of the entire genre.

Speaking of iconic sounds…

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

CD 2167

Star Wars is so popular, its hard to go a day without hearing or seeing something related to the series. Now, thanks to Disney, we’ll be receiving more of that no good, scruffy looking, nerfherding goodness. So, this was a shoe in for the list. However, there still were 6 soundtracks available to pick from, not to mention a score of spin-offs and compilations. How to choose?

The prize had to go to something from the original series. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new trilogy’s soundtracks just as well, but they lack the nostalgia effect. Besides the prequel trilogy comes with baggage… repressed memories of a certain annoying gungan. From there, the choice was simple. RotJ has the best sounding soundtrack. Besides the main themes, the Endor tracks are amazing. If only the Ewoks were as engaging and well developed as their background music…

Jurassic Park:

CD 1215

You don’t always need spaceships and fancy make-up to call it sci-fi. Sometimes, you just need Dinosaurs cloned using frog DNA. Stand alone, I would say that the soundtrack is actually better than the movie… Really, its that good!

Escape from New York

CD 1568

What’s that? You needed more Kurt Russel in your life? Great! This sequel is for you then. The soundtrack is a killer example of the dis-topic future genre and features several tracks written by the director of the film; John Carpenter.


CD 2616

Because Kevin Costner… Yeah, Kevin Costner.

No no no no no… Just Kevin Costner

What? More New Arrivals?!

Here at the music library we’re delighted to welcome a whole flock of new CDs to the fold.

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (CD 9931)

Motets, Guillaume de Machaut (CD 9932)

Victor Rice, Dub Discoveries from Version City (CD 9933)

Miles Davis, ESP (CD 9934)

Terry Riley, A Rainbow In Curved Air (CD 9935)

Glen Gould, Bach: The Two and Three Part Inventions (CD 9936)

Rodgers & Hammerstein, Pipe Dream (CD 9937)

2012 London Cast Recording, Singin’ In The Rain (CD 9938)

Original Cast Recording, Calvin Berger; A New Musical (CD 9939)

Original Cast Recording, Carrie (CD 9940)

Encores! Cast, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (CD 9941)

New CDs and DVDs!!!


Sonic Youth ~ A Thousand Leaves ~ CD 9792

Sonic Youth ~ Washing Machine ~ CD 9793

Eric Claption ~ Unplugged ~ CD 9794

David Byrne ~ uh-oh ~ CD 9795

Moby ~ Songs: 1993-1998 ~ CD 9796

John Williams ~ Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones ~ CD 9797

The Killers ~ Hot Fuss ~ CD 9798

System of a Down ~ Toxicity ~ CD 9799

Steely Dan ~ A Decade of Steely Dan ~ CD 9800

Rage Against the Machine ~ CD 9801

Genesis ~ Invisible Touch ~ CD 9802

Pat Metheny ~ Secret Story ~ CD 9803

Howard Shore ~ Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ~ CD 9804


Joe Strummer ~ The Future is Unwritten ~ DVD 273

The Monkees ~ “Head” ~ DVD 274

Pippin ~ DVD 275

Leonard Bernstein’s Candide ~ DVD 276

1776 ~ DVD 277

Pirates of Penzance ~ DVD 278

Check check check, check it out yo!!

Musical Theater:

Once – New Broadway Cast Recording – CD 9679


Paul Lansky – Imaginary Islands – Shapeshifters, With the Grain, Imaginary Islands, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown – CD 9678

Anne Akiko Meyers – Air – The Bach Album, English Chamber Orchestra – CD 9677

Allen Shawn – Piano Music, Volume III – CD 9675

George Walker – Great American Orchestral Works vol. 3 – CD 9674

Decreasing Radius – Rick Stout – CD 9673

Do You Dream in Color? – Laurie Rubin, Marija Stroke, Noam Sivan – CD 9672

Holiday Music:

O Tannenbaum – 10 favorite Christmas Carols, featuring The Londonderry Choir – CD 9671


Choreography by Balanchine – DVD 204

In Search of Beethoven – a film by Phil Grabsky – DVD 202

In search of Mozart – a film Phil Grabsky – DVD 201

Beats Rhymes & Life – The travels of A Tribe Called Quest – DVD 200

Lester Horton Technique – The Warm Up – DVD 203

Kim’s Staff Picks!

Hey all,

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic spring break! On behalf of the music library, I’d like to welcome you back with a selection of five AU-related CDs I recently discovered. Check ’em out!

1. On a Sensual Note’s On A Sensual Night

You can never listen to too much Christmas music, right? (The correct answer would be “right). On this CD, On A Sensual Note (OASN), is AU’s famous all-male a cappella group. They’re well known in the DC area and have an impressive resume to boot – they’ve sung at the White House and for Labor Secretary Solis in the past. On this CD, they recorded 6 Christmas classics. Enjoy!

2. Noah Getz and Jeffrey Chappell’s Crosscurrents

Professor Noah Getz (sax) teams up with Jeffrey Chappell (piano) for a rendition of pieces by Pertout, Maros, Benadon, Lindroth, Roseman, and Wanamaker. The fusion of classical and jazz on this CD is really refreshing – have a listen!

3. Joshua Bayer Quintet’s New Voice: Old Voice

Joshua Bayer (acoustic bass), an AU professor, who leads the Joshua Bayer Quintet, arranges and presents a rendition of works by Charles Mingus, Vince Guaraldi, Sam Rivers, Scott Joplin, and some of his own on this CD. Worth a listen!

4. American Wind Symphony Orchestra’s Fireworks!

Jerzy Sapiyevski is a professor here at AU. The American Wind Symphony Orchestra has recorded one of his pieces, Morpheus, on this record. In the liner notes, Sapiyevski is quoted as saying, “Morpheus is the child of Sleep. he dwells beside his brother Death near the gates of Sleep, out of which come both false illusions and noble dreams. Assuming human form and wearing black wings, he flies noiselessly into the world of men where he visits sleeping mortals.”

And last but not certainly not least…

5. Star Trek: The Next Generation Soundtrack

Truth be told, I’ve never watched a single Star Trek movie, but I felt compelled to include this CD upon discovering that it has just arrived to the music library, and that Cene is a very, very big fan of Star Trek. I suspect there must be other music library frequenters who love Star Trek just as equally as (or even more than…?) Cene, so this is for you!

Have a great rest of the week!

Fresh CDs for Spring!


Francis Dhomont – Les Dérives du Signe (CD 9653)

Society of Composers, Inc. – Musings (CD 9649)

Society of Composers, Inc. – Inspirations (CD 9650)

Riker - TromboneFilm Soundtracks

Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Encounter at Farpoint” (CD 9654)

Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Best of Both Worlds, Pts. I & II (CD 9655)

Michael Kamen – Brazil (CD 9652)

Clint Eastwood – Mystic River (CD 9656)

Danny Elfman – Batman (CD 9657)

The Dust Brothers – Fight Club (CD 9658)

Michael Kamen – X-Men (CD 9659)


Moby – Play (CD 9651)