More New Arrivals!

Yeah, you read that right. If yesterday’s flood of arrivals somehow didn’t satisfy your musical needs, we’ve got a whole second day’s worth! Here ya go:



28 Italian Songs and Arias (High) – M1619 .A173 2010 (includes CD)

28 Italian Songs and Arias (Medium High) – M1619 .A1735 2008 (includes CD)

28 Italian Songs and Arias (Low) – M1619 .A174 2010 (includes CD)

28 Italian Songs and Arias (Medium Low) – M1619 .A1745 2008 (includes CD)

28 Italian Songs and Arias (Medium) – M1619 .A175 2010 (includes CD)

Bolcom – Concert Songs v.1 (High) – M1620 .B668 C66 2014 v.1

Bolcom – Concert Songs v.2 (High) – M1620 .B668 C66 2014 v.2

Bolcom – Concert Songs v.1 (Medium/Low) – M1620 .B668 C662 2014 v.1

Bolcom – Concert Songs v.2 (Medium/Low) – M1620 .B668 C662 2014 v.2

Leipzig Church Music from the Sherard Collection – M2 .C64362 v.20

Mahler – Das Lied von der Erde – M3 .M25 Bd.2 Suppl. 2012

Meldert – Il Primo Libro de Madrigali a Cinque Voci – M2 .R2384 v.161

Rorem – 50 Collected Songs (High) – M1620 .R67 C65 2008

Rorem – 50 Collected Songs (Medium/Low) – M1620 .R787 F52 2008

Seventeenth-Century Italian Motets with Trombones – M2 .C64362 v.19



Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, vol. 4 – CD 2360

This Heat – Out Of Cold Storage – CD 1529

Salt-N-Pepa – Best of Salt-N-Pepa 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection – CD 1488

Tanya Kruse Ruck & Elena Abend – Over The Fence: Songs of Elsa Respighi, Lori Laitman, and Modesta Bor – CD 2434

Stockhausen – Complete Early Percussion Works – CD 2471


New Semester, New Arrivals S2015

Hello, 2015!

To kick off our spankin’ new semester we’ve got a deluge of new arrivals, scores and CDs! To save this poor blogger some time, we’ll be posting half of them today and some more tomorrow (arbitrarily chosen). Here’s day 1, and check back tomorrow for some more!


Baker – Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar, books 1-2 – MT582 .B2 1955

Baker – Mickey Baker’s Jazz Guitar – MT582 .B2 1973

Glenn & Taylor (ed.) – Classic Italian Songs for School and Studio, Vol. III – M1619 .G536 C5 v. 3

Lu – Partita for brass trio – 357.4 .L8 P37 2013

Meacham – American Patrol; German Trombone Vibration, arr. for trombone quartet by Jorg Vollerthun – M459 .M43 A44 2011

Mozart – Concerto no. 14 in E-flat major for Piano and Orchestra (KV 449) – M1011 .M93 K.449 1990

Mozart – Concerto no. 27 in B-flat major for Piano and Orchestra (KV 595) – M1011 .M92 K.595 2011

Mozart – Piano Concerto in G Major piano reduction (KV 453) – M1011 .M93 K.453 2006

Mozart – Piano Concerto in C Major piano reduction (KV 467) – M1011 .M93 K.467 2006

Phillips – Catamaran for brass septet – M757.4 .P45 C38 2013

Saint-Saens – Concerto no. 1 in A for Violoncello and Orchestra, op. 33 – M1016 .S15 op. 33 2001

Segovia – Diatonic Major and Minor Scales – MT585 .S44 D53 2011

Sousa – The Gladiator March, arr. for trombone quartet by Andrew Converse – M459 .S68 G53 2010

Sousa – Stars and Stripes Forever, arr. for trombone by Brad Howland – M459 .S68 .S83 1999

Tiger Rag, arr. for trombone quartet by Jack Gale – M459 .T541 1993

Von Suppe – Light Cavalry (the good parts), arr. for trombone quartet by Craig Kaucher – M459 S88 2006

Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries, arr. for trombone by David Uber – M459 .W25 R46 2002



Allen Anderson – An Opportunity for Mischief – CD 6962

David Claman, Ryan Vigil, John McDonald – Keypunch – CD 7089

Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb – CD 1892

Love’s Labour’s Lost (Original Cast Recording) – CD 8289

A Loving Home’s A Happy Home: 19th Century Moravian Parlor Music – CD 8279

Otha Turner and the Afrosippi Allstars feat. the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band – From Senegal to Senatobia – CD 2204

Yann Tiersen – Music from the Motion Picture Amelie – CD 2080


We just got Eighth Blackbird’s GRAMMY NOMINATED “Meanwhile” (and other scores, CDs, DVD)

Get excited about our newest acquisition, Eighth Blackbird’s recent release “Meanwhile”: CD 10048.

“Is there an ensemble anywhere that conveys the sheer exuberance and joy of contemporary music like Eighth Blackbird? To listen to this brilliant young American sextet is to be constantly reminded of just how exciting, funny and ingratiating new work can be – especially when it’s delivered with these players’ characteristic blend of breakneck virtuosity and charm.”

– Joshua Kosman for the San Fransisco Chronicle


The Kashmere Stage Band: Texas Thunder Soul, 1968-1974 – CD 10047

Paul Winter Sextet: Jazz Meets the Bossa Nova/Folk Song – CD 10046



Chops – Music Library DVD 55

Follows a group of high school students from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, a public school in Jacksonville, FL, as they try to win a competition where the prize is being able to play at the prestigious Essentially Ellington Festival at New York’s Lincoln Center and an opportunity to work with famed jazz musician Wynton Marsalis.



Bird Cage  –  M1473.C34.B57 1972
Chess Pieces for Piano  –  M25.C34 C54 2005
 Nocturne for Violin and Piano  –  M221.C34 N63 1972
Radio Music  –  M1473.C34 R33 1961
Sonata for Clarinet  –  M72.C34 S66 1963
Sonata for Two Voices  –  M298.5.C34 S66 1979
String Quartet in four parts  –  M452.C32 S77 1960


David Amram  –  Cancion de Verano: A Piano Quartet for Young Musicians  –  M412 A47.C36 2012
J.S. Bach  –  Sechs Partiten for Klavier, 1-3  –  M24.B115 S8 1958 v. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven  –  Three Equali for four Trombones WoO 30  – M457.4.B44 D74 2012
Luigi Carvelli  –  Serenata Napolitana for Violoncello and Piano  –  M233.C37 S47 2012
Richard Danielpour  –  Spirits in the Well for Soprano and Piano  –  M1621.4.D36 S65 2012
Michael Daugherty  –  Elvis Everywhere for String Quartet and Tape  –  M585.D38 E48 2010
Jacob Druckman  –  Dance with Shadows for Brass Quintet  – M557.4.D78 D36 2012
Beat Furrer (yes that is a name)  –  Phasma for Piano  –  M25.F87 P53 2005
David Friedman  –  Mirror from Another: A collection of solo pieces for vibraphone  –  M175.X6 F75 1987
Osvaldo Golijob  –  Tenebrae (Version III) for String Quartet  –  M454.G65 T46 2011
Aram Khachaturian  –  Double Fugue for string quartet  –  M452.K53 D68 2011
Lowell Lieberman  –  Six Songs on Poems of Nelly Sachs, Op. 14 for Soprano and Piano  –  M1621.L54 op.14 2012

Steve Mackey  –  Fusion Tone for Electric Guitar and Violoncello  –  M295.M33 F87 2012

Steve Reich  –  Know what is above you for Three Soprano Singers, One Alto Singer, and 2 Small Tuned Drums – M2019.5.R45 K66 2012
Igor Stravinsky  –  Circus Polka composed for a Young Elephant, for saxophone quartet  –  M459.S77 C57 2011

A few more new things (including Trombones!!!)


Mathew Rosemblum ~ Circadian Rythms ~ CD 9947

Joshua Bell ~ The Red Violin Concerto ~ CD 9948

Lo, in the time appointed ~ CD 9949

Ryan Scott Oliver ~ 35MM ~ CD 9955

Harold Brown ~ Music For Strings ~ CD 9952

Bernard Hoffer ~ CD 9953

Animal Songs ~ Bestiaries in English, French & German ~ CD 9954

Washington Trombone Ensemble ~ The Road Not Taken ~ CD 9951


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers ~ DVD 319

Ivory  ~ DVD 329


JUST IN! New Music Scores! Cage, Bach, and More!

Hello and Happy Monday everyone!

Here are music scores that have just  arrived at the Music Library – come visit and check them out!

  1. Elliott Carter – 8 Etudes and a Fantasy for for Woodwind Quartet
  2. Janacek – Mladi, Youth, Die Jugend
  3. J.S. Bach / F. Bruggen – 11 Movements from the Sonatas and Partias
  4. John Cage – Music for Amplified Toy Piano
  5. Luening – Fantasia
  6. Malcolm Arnold – Quintet for 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, and Tuba
  7. Vincent Persichetti – Parable for Solo Trombone
  8. Walter Piston – Three Pieces for Flute, Clarinet, and Bassoon






September 2,  2:00 pm [Studio Theater]
September 7,  4:00 pm – 9:30 pm [Recital Hall]
September 8, 9:00 am [Recital Hall]

Join the AU Music Department in a centennial celebration of John Cage’s birthday!  In partnership with the John Cage Centennial Festival of Washington, DC, American University will be hosting three Cage-ian events!

On September 2nd at 2 pm, come to the Katzen Center Studio Theater to get a taste of Cage’s repertoire with [In] CAGE.  Bonnie Whiting Smith, Dustin Donahue and AU Music Faculty Dr. William Brent, the members of red fish blue fish will be performing.

On September 7th at 4 pm, Tom Delio will give a lecture about John Cage’s percussion work “Amores” [1941].  Following Mr. Delio’s lecture, a series of concerts will cover every decade of Cage’s work from the 1930s to the 1990s.  Steven Schick and the Percussion Group Cincinnati will give rare performances of Cage’s music.  This performance will be located in the Studio Theater at 5:30 pm [free], the Katzen Museum at 6:30 pm [free], and there will  be a feature performance in the Recital Hall at 7:30 pm [$5 with a student ID]. There will be another performance of Cage’s work at 9:30 pm in the Museum [free].

On Saturday September 8th at 9:00 am [Recital Hall], Steven Schick and Percussion group Cincinnati will lead a free masterclass on interpreting Cage and other experimental music that will be performed in the September 7th concert.

For more information about the rest of the John Cage Centennial Festival Washington, DC, visit


Euro Zone

And we’re back with the European scores. Before we get to the scores themselves, I thought I would highlight my favorite. Ligeti’s Requiem. Take a listen:


Here we go:

Stockhausen: Kontra-Punkte ~ M 942 .S76 K6 2008

Olivier Messiaen: Turingalila Symphonie ~ M 1010 .M608 T8 1992

Giacinto Scelsi: Four Illustrations (Piano) ~ M 25 .S28 I45 1979

Giacinto Scelsi: Three Pieces for Trombone Solo ~ M 92 .S28 P4 1990

György Ligeti: Apparitions ~ M 1045 .L73 A6 1971

György Ligeti: Requiem ~ M 2010 .L543 R427 2005

György Ligeti: Ramifications ~ M 1145 .L53 R3 2000

György Ligeti: Nouvelles Aventures ~ M 1528 .L53 N7 1966

György Ligeti: Monument, Selbstportrait Bewegung ~ M 214 .L5 S8 2008

György Ligeti: Poeme Symphonique (for 100 Metronomes) ~ M 985 .L54 P6 2011