New Scores for Summer

New Scores for Summer

Many, many new scores for your perusal! Check them out on the new stuff cart. Links coming as soon as the library catalog switches over in a few weeks.

Yann Tiersen, Piano Works (solo piano, includes music from the film Amelie) M22 .T53 P52 2011
Samuel Adler, Four Choreographies (solo piano) M24 .A25 C4 2017
Howard Hanson, Symphonic Rhapsody, Op. 14 (solo piano, ed. Scott Watkins) M25 .H251 S989 2017

Emmanuel Sejourne, Attraction Solo (solo percussion and tape) M146 .S456 A88 2017
Keiko Abe, Works for Solo Marimba (marimba) M175 .X6 A232 1997

William Bolcom, Primer and Other Duets for One Piano/Four Hands (piano four-hands) M204 .B65 P75 2017
Stephen Sondheim, Concertino for Two Pianos (two pianos, four hands) M214 .S694 C6 2017
Fritz Kreisler, Tambourin Chinois (arr. George Hamilton Green, xylophone and piano) M285 .X9 K67 2014
J.S. Bach, Fifteen Two-Part Inventions (saxophone duet, arr. Larry Teal) M289 .B21 I52 1969
Astor Piazzolla, Tango Suite para duo guitarras (marimba duet, arr. Kevin Super) M298 .P53 T36 1998
Ivan Trevino, 2+1 (marimba duet) M298 .T74 T96 2013

Bedrich Smetana, Trio in G minor (piano, violin, ‘cello) M312 .S637 op.15 2008
Carlos Jobim, Music of Antonio Carlos Jobim (piano trio, arr. Bert Ligon) M313 .J612 M87 2016
Peter Schickele, Dances for Three (two clarinets, bassoon) M357.2 .S27 D3 1986

Emma Lou Diemer, Movement (flute, oboe, clarinet, piano) M417 .D558 M6 2017
Philip Glass, Company No. 2 (string quartet, or string orchestra) M452 .G53 C66 2000z
Anton Webern, Langsamer Satz (string quartet) M452 .W37 L41 1965
Flor Peeters, Suite (trombone quartet) M457 .P46 op.82 1959
Paul Lansky, Springs (percussion quartet) M485 .L298 S67 2017

Eric Ewazen, Roaring Fork (wind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) M557 .E93 R63 1997

Shulamit Ran, Violin Concerto (piano reduction and violin part) M1013 .R175 C6 2017
Anders Koppel, Concerto No. 1 (marimba and orchestra/piano reduction) M1039.4 .X9 K66 2015
Chen Yi, The Ancient Chinese Beauty (recorders and string orchestra, score) M1134 .R4 C54 2008
Kiu-Kwong Chung, Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble (solo marimba w/piano reduction) M1206 .C48 C6 2011

Alan Menken, Beauty and the Beast (vocal selections, 2017 film) M1508 .M35 B43 2017
Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Dear Evan Hansen (vocal selections) M1508 .P369 D43 2017
Iris Rainer Dart, The People in the Picture (vocal selections) M1508 .S755 P41 2011
Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, The Greatest Showman (vocal selections) M1527 .P47 G73 2017

American Art Songs For the Progressing Soprano (piano/vocal) M1619 .A492 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Mezzo-soprano (piano/vocal) M1619 .A483 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Tenor (piano/vocal) M1619 .A493 2017
American Art Songs For the Progressing Baritone/Bass (piano/vocal) M1619 .A48 2017

Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Complete (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .D98 B63 1997
Joni Mitchell, Hits (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .M59 J6 2009
Joni Mitchell, Anthology (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .M69 J66 1983
Songs of the 2010s
 (piano/vocal/guitar) M1630.18 .S6586 2015

Corinne Bailey Rae, Corinne Bailey Rae (piano/vocal/guitar) M1741.18 .B35 C67 2006

Richard Danielpour, Toward a Season of Peace (soprano, chorus, orchestra; piano/vocal score) M2023 .D36 T6 2017




Brand New Arrivals!

Hey everybody, guess what? After all the new arrivals in the past couple of weeks, we just got some more! Definitely starting the year off strong.



FitzPatrick, Barefield & Ryan – Occident Meets Orient – CD 2367

The Last Ship – Original Broadway Cast Recording – CD 2370

Venice – Original Cast Recording – CD 2371

Austin Symphony Orchestra – Edward Burlingame Hill Symphony No. 4 – CD 2402

Dub Dynasty – Thundering Mantis – CD 2441



Adler – Recitative and Rondo Capriccioso for Flute and Piano – M242 .A237 R29 2014

Bach – Six Suites for Cello Solo – M52 .B118 S8 1950

Barab – Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (reduction) – M1206 .B33 C6 2014

Boccherini – Sonata No. 6 for Cello and Piano – M231 .B66 no. 6

Brahms – Sonata in D Major for Cello and Piano – M236 .B74 op. 78 1975

Chopin – Sonata in G Minor for Cello and Piano – M231 .C54 op. 65 1997

Dragonetti – Twelve Waltzes for Double Bass Solo – M56 .D73 W3 2007

Dun – Eight Memories in Watercolor for Guitar Duo – M293 .T26 M4 2014

Gabrielli – 7 Ricercari for Cello – M52 .G22 1975

Gliere – Suite for Violin/Viola and Double Bass – M287 .G6 S9 2003

Hummel – Fantasie for Viola and Orchestra – M1015 .H86 op. 94 1980

Karchin – Four Sketches for Solo Violin – M42 .K365 S5 2014

Karchin – Lyrics II for Piano – M25 .K368 L9 2014

Kodaly – Sonate for Cello – M52 .K633 op. 8 1952

Picker – Arias for Soprano and Piano – M1507 .P48 A75 2014

Picker – Arias for Tenor and Piano – M1507 .P53 A753 2014

Prokofiev – Sonata in C Major for Cello and Piano – M231 .P918 op. 119 1958

Ran – Birds of Paradise for Flute and Piano – M242 .R255 B5 2014

Schumann – Concerto for Cello, op. 129 – M1017 .S38 op. 129 1995

Serebrier – Tango in Blue for Violin and Piano – M223 .S47 T3 2014

Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 for Cello and Piano – M1017 .S56 op. 107 1960

Vivaldi – Sonata No. 5 for String Bass and Piano – M238 .V25 S6 1955

Yi – Three Bagatelles from China West for Clarinet and Piano – M242 .C44 B34 2014

Zaimont – JoyDance in Spring for Strings – M1145 .Z25 J6 2012

AU Musical Events: Bicentenary of Adolphe Sax

Are you a fan of this guy? This guy? How about this guy? If so, think about this: None of them would be able to make the impression they made on music without THIS GUY: Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone (get it?).

This famed instrument designer was born in 1814 in Belgium to a father who was also an instrument designer. From a young age, Adolphe revealed a strong talent for instrument design, creating woodwind instruments in his teens and entering them in contests. He studied flute and clarinet at conservatory in Brussels before entering a career of design, during which he developed several types of horns, some successful and some not so. His most successful developments were a valved bugle called the saxhorn, his first great triumph, and of course, the saxophone itself, his last invention before becoming a teacher at the Paris Conservatoire.

Why the life story, you may ask? Because of this: Another AU Musical Event! 2014 happens to be the bicentenary of Adolphe Sax’s birth year, and AU is hosting an exhibition of his life and innovation in the Katzen Rotunda. The exhibit is being co-sponsored by Sax’s town, Dinant, the Wallonia region of Belgium, the Belgian Embassy, the International Adolphe Sax Association, AND Stella Artois!

The exhibit, fully titled “The Bicentenary of Adolphe Sax; Belgian Illustrious Inventor of the Saxophone”, has already  been going on for a week, but it will continue to live in the Rotunda until September 11. On Saturday, September 6 at 6pm, AU faculty member Noah Getz (saxophone instructor and leader of AU Workshop) will lead a saxophone quartet performance to celebrate further the creator of the saxophone.

Other than that, it’ll be open every day until the 11th from 10am-6pm in the Katzen Rotunda. Come by!

Event page:

New Stuff!


Daniel Dorff ~ Perennials ~ CD 10174

Laura Elise Schwendinger ~ 3 Works for Solo Instruments and Orchestra ~ CD 10175

Robyn Schulkowsky ~ Armadillo ~ CD 10176

Laura Kaminsky ~ CD 10177

Romberg ~ Blossom Time ~ CD 10178

Martin Perry ~ Bartok, Rosa and Carter ~ CD 10179


Scriabin ~ Piano Works II ~ M22 .S55 P5 1967 v.2

Okudzhava ~ 65 Songs ~ M1757.18 .O4 F8 1982

Pintscher ~ Reflections of Narcissus ~ M1016 .P56 R44 2005

Brahms ~ Nänie ~ M1533 .B73 N36 1970

Verdi ~ Quattro Pezzi Sacri ~ M2027 .V4 P4 2001

Schumann ~ Abegg – Variationen ~ M27 .S34 op. 1 2004

Chopin ~ Andante Spianato und Grande Polonaise Brillante ~ M37 .C549 A5 1998

Isaak Osipovich Dunaevskii ~ Shkol’nyi val’s ~ M1621 .D86 S45 1952

Robert’s Stäff Picks!!!

Don’t forget, the Music Library is having an LP Bag Sale this Friday, April 26 from 10AM-2PM in front of Bender Library!!!


This set of Staff Picks is dedicated to currently performing string quartets and new music ensembles/composers.

CD 5290 — Six Quartets, Op. 20 — Haydn

The quartets are pretty standard Haydn works but the cool part about this CD is that this recording is played by the Daedalus Quartet.  The Daedalus Quartet is considered a leader among the newest generation of string ensembles.  The members of this string quartet hold degrees from the Julliard School, Curtis Institute, Cleveland Institute, and Harvard University.  Min-Young Kim and Matilda Kaul play violin, Jessica Thompson plays the viola, and Thomas Kraines plays the ‘cello.  This CD was released in 2009.


CD 10048 — Meanwhile — eighth blackbird

eighth blackbird “combines the finesse of a string quartet, the energy of a rock band and the audacity of a storefront theater company.” The members of the ensemble  “hail from America’s Great Lakes, Keystone, Golden and Bay States, and Australia’s Sunshine State.  There are four foodies, three beer snobs and one exercise junkie.”  It seems like it would be fun to hang with these folks. Tim Munro plays the flutes, Michael J. Maccaferri the clarinets, Yvonne Lam the violin & viola, Nicholas Photinos the ‘cello, Matthew Dunvall percussion, and Lisa Kaplan the piano.  This CD was released in 2012.


John Adams

I often reference works by John Adams in my Staff Picks, and I honestly don’t think I could ever forget to mention him.  Adams is a North American based new music composer.  Once again, the symphonic version of my favorite opera, CD 9695 — Doctor Atomic / Guide to Strange Places.  This CD was released in 2009.


CD 10053 – Adam’s Lament — Arvo Pärt

Do you like Arvo Pärt as much as Ethan Hicks? I doubt it, but you should still take a listen to this fantastic Pärt CD that explores many of his works including, but not limited to: Adam’s Lament, Beaatus Petronius, Salve Regina, and Estonian lullaby.  This CD was released in 2012.


A Mixed Bag of New Scores!

~~~~~Something for everyone! ~~~~~

Martin Bresnick  –  Going Home (Vysoke, My Jerusalem) for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Violoncello  –  M462.B74 G65 2012

Martin Bresnick  –  Prayers Remain Forever for cello and piano  –  M233.B74 P73 2012

The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh for high voice  –  M1670.B87 S65 2000

Michael Daugherty  –  Deus ex Machina for piano and orchestra (2007)  –  M1010.D38 D48 2012

Michael Daugherty  –  I Loved Lucy (Yo Amaba Lucy) for flute and classical guitar  –  M297.D38 Y6 2012

Michael Daugherty  –  Route 66 for orchestra (1999)  –  M1045.D38 R68 2011

Philip Glass  –  Sonata for Violin and Piano in 3 Movements  –  M219.G53 S66 2008

Osvaldo Golijov  –  How Slow the Wind for Soprano and String Quartet  –  M1613.3 .G65 H69 2011

Jake Heggie  –  Orcas Island Ferry: Suite for Violin/Viola and Piano  –  M220.H44 O73 2012

Jacques Hetu  –  Quatuor A Cordes (String Quartet) no. 1, opus 19  –  M452.H58 op. 19 2012

Katherine Hoove  –  Ayres based on songs by John Dowland for soprano saxophone and piano  –  M269.H66 A97 2011

James MacMillan  –  Sun-Dogs for mixed choir a cappella  –  M1582.M33 S86 2011

Telemann  –  Sonata in F Major for flute and piano  –  M242.T44 S66 1974

Telemann/Wummer  –  Suite in A Minor transcribed for flute and piano  –  M244.T45 O94 1979

MORE New Arrivals!

The Opera America Song-Book  ~  M1507.O64 2012

The G. Schirmer Piano Collection: 33 Works by 25 Composers from 20th and 21st Centuries M21.G25 2012

Michael Daugherty  ~  Trail of Tears for flute and chamber orchestra (2010) M1020.D38 T73 2012

Gyorgy Ligeti  ~  Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1985-88)  ~  M1010.L54 C66 2005

Gyorgy Ligeti  ~  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra  ~  M1013.L54 C66 2002

Franz Liszt  ~  Etudes D’Execution Transcendante  ~  M25.L25 E88 2004

Matthias Pintscher  ~  Funf Orchesterstucke (1997)  ~  M1045.P56 S78 1997

Matthais Pintscher  ~  tenebrae for viola, small ensemble and live electronics  ~  M1014.P56 T46 2001

Matthias Pintscher  ~  Thomas Chatterton, opera (1994-8)  ~  M1500.P56 T56 1998

Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians  ~  M1528.R45 M87 2000

Heitor Villa-Lobos  ~  Douze Etudes pour guitare seule M127.V55 E88 2011

Paul Chihara: Viola Concerto and Music for Viola, Vol. 2  CD 10054

Advent at Ephesus: Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles CD 10050

Kurtag 80, conducted by Zoltan Kocsis  ~  CD 10052

Gabrieli: Sacred Symphonies  ~  CD 10049

Starfucker  ~  CD 10055

True Blugrass Banjo  ~  CD 10051

Austin Peralta: Endless Planets  CD 10056

The Complete Atomic Basie CD 10057