New Stuff!


Daniel Dorff ~ Perennials ~ CD 10174

Laura Elise Schwendinger ~ 3 Works for Solo Instruments and Orchestra ~ CD 10175

Robyn Schulkowsky ~ Armadillo ~ CD 10176

Laura Kaminsky ~ CD 10177

Romberg ~ Blossom Time ~ CD 10178

Martin Perry ~ Bartok, Rosa and Carter ~ CD 10179


Scriabin ~ Piano Works II ~ M22 .S55 P5 1967 v.2

Okudzhava ~ 65 Songs ~ M1757.18 .O4 F8 1982

Pintscher ~ Reflections of Narcissus ~ M1016 .P56 R44 2005

Brahms ~ Nänie ~ M1533 .B73 N36 1970

Verdi ~ Quattro Pezzi Sacri ~ M2027 .V4 P4 2001

Schumann ~ Abegg – Variationen ~ M27 .S34 op. 1 2004

Chopin ~ Andante Spianato und Grande Polonaise Brillante ~ M37 .C549 A5 1998

Isaak Osipovich Dunaevskii ~ Shkol’nyi val’s ~ M1621 .D86 S45 1952


Staff Picks:

It’s been over a year since we started writing up staff picks and with over a hundred CDs have been recommended. Therefore, one might think that we would be running out of recommendations.

Not so!

For my sixth staff picks post, I have a nice collection of awesome CDs including one of my favorite recordings




Let’s get started then!

Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa

CD 5948

I first took out this CD two years ago on a whim. The name was really cool, and I had heard good things about this “Arvo Pärt” person. I then promptly forgot about it. A week later I drove up to Massachusetts overnight (to avoid the traffic from a few major cities) and discovered it on the seat next to me. It was something about the desolation of Interstate 84 in Connecticut at 4 a.m. mixed with the distant lamentations of the CD that stays with me to this day.  I can’t really describe it any other way, this is one of my favorite recordings.

Arvo Pärt: Te Deum

CD 5901

There is not much I can say about this CD other than that it is worth listening to.


Do it…

Kronos Quartet: Uniko

CD 5887

I don’t think there is ground left to tread that the Kronos Quartet has not already stomped all over. Anyway, get ready for this; Kronos Quartet collaborates with Finnish composers Samuli Kosminen and Kimmo Pohjonen to create a studio album that blends a string quartet with electronics and accordion. Yeah, I thought so too…

Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass

CD 6835

Now who doesnt love some arpeggiated triads?

Copland Conducts Copland

CD 3412

This CD is worth picking up for Lincoln Portrait alone. It’s perhaps one of the most famous recordings of the work and features Henry Fonda as the narrator. However, you also throw in Billy the Kid and the original Appalachian Spring ballet edition…

and Copland conducting????


Alex’s Staff Picks: Star Whatever…

I dig sci-fi. Anyone who has been in my apartment has seen the picture of Yoda above my bed and the large collections of Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Jack McDevitt, Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter on my book shelf. I chuckle at every toungue in cheek reference made by John Scalzi and I choose the video games I play because they have space ships in them. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before I took this obsession of mine and applied it to my staff picks. Here we are, five Sci-Fi themed soundtracks from out CD collection.

Star Trek TNG: Encounter at Farpoint CD 9654

Despite my introduction, don’t instantly categorize me as a Trekkie. I won’t go out of my way to view any of the series. Regardless, I had to put this first on my list. Encounter at Farpoint was the first episode of Star Trek TNG, a series that many fans declare to be the best of the bunch. The music brings me back to my childhood where I would sit and watch TNG with my parents. I had no idea what was happening or why people were jumping around whenever the camera shook, but I did think the music was really awesome. The title theme is one of the most iconic sounds of the entire genre.

Speaking of iconic sounds…

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

CD 2167

Star Wars is so popular, its hard to go a day without hearing or seeing something related to the series. Now, thanks to Disney, we’ll be receiving more of that no good, scruffy looking, nerfherding goodness. So, this was a shoe in for the list. However, there still were 6 soundtracks available to pick from, not to mention a score of spin-offs and compilations. How to choose?

The prize had to go to something from the original series. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new trilogy’s soundtracks just as well, but they lack the nostalgia effect. Besides the prequel trilogy comes with baggage… repressed memories of a certain annoying gungan. From there, the choice was simple. RotJ has the best sounding soundtrack. Besides the main themes, the Endor tracks are amazing. If only the Ewoks were as engaging and well developed as their background music…

Jurassic Park:

CD 1215

You don’t always need spaceships and fancy make-up to call it sci-fi. Sometimes, you just need Dinosaurs cloned using frog DNA. Stand alone, I would say that the soundtrack is actually better than the movie… Really, its that good!

Escape from New York

CD 1568

What’s that? You needed more Kurt Russel in your life? Great! This sequel is for you then. The soundtrack is a killer example of the dis-topic future genre and features several tracks written by the director of the film; John Carpenter.


CD 2616

Because Kevin Costner… Yeah, Kevin Costner.

No no no no no… Just Kevin Costner

Just Keep on Doin’ It! ~ New CD’s ~

Well hello there! You came just in time, we have some new CDs to show you

Look! There they are:

The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Vol. 1 ~ CD 10027

The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Vol. 2 ~ CD 10028

Santa’s got Mojo 2 ~ CD 10029

Jeff Holmes Quartet ~ Of One’s Own ~ CD 10030

Michael Feinberg ~ The Elvin Jones Project ~ CD 10031

Dream Girls ~ Original Broadway Cast Album ~ CD 10032

Benny Andersson ~ Kristina ~ CD 10033

Herbie Hancock ~ Secrets ~ CD 10034

Dan Visconti ~ Lonesome Roads ~ CD 10035

Black Manhattan Vol. 2 ~ CD 10036

Some New CDs and DVDs


Christian Atunde Adjuah ~ CD 9960

John Luther Adams ~ Four Thousand Holes ~ CD 9961

Chic ~ Risque ~  CD 9962

Mumford and Sons ~ Babel ~ CD 9963

Mohammed Fairouz ~ Sumeida’s Song ~ CD 9964

A Christmas Story: The Musical ~ CD 9965

Nice Work If You Can Get It ~ Original Broadway Cast ~ CD 9966

Vision Quartet ~ Conicality ~ CD 9967

Sherban Lupu ~ Inner Visions ~ CD 9968

Berio ~ Recital 1 for Cathy ~ CD 9969

Orlando Jacinto Garcia ~ Celestial Voices ~ CD 9970

Pierre Boulez ~ Stravinsky: The Firebird Suite ~ CD 9972


Jumbo ~ DVD 332

Love Me or Leave Me ~ DVD 334

Lullaby of Broadway ~ DVD 335

Young Man with a Horn ~ DVD 337

Calamity Jane ~ DVD 338

A few more new things (including Trombones!!!)


Mathew Rosemblum ~ Circadian Rythms ~ CD 9947

Joshua Bell ~ The Red Violin Concerto ~ CD 9948

Lo, in the time appointed ~ CD 9949

Ryan Scott Oliver ~ 35MM ~ CD 9955

Harold Brown ~ Music For Strings ~ CD 9952

Bernard Hoffer ~ CD 9953

Animal Songs ~ Bestiaries in English, French & German ~ CD 9954

Washington Trombone Ensemble ~ The Road Not Taken ~ CD 9951


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers ~ DVD 319

Ivory  ~ DVD 329

Einstein on the Beach Revival

There’s something extraordinary happening in Brooklyn this week. Its a revival. Of course, this is an artsy part of New York with a bit of a history of revivals. Yet, somehow these recreations of past works always seem significant. The work being revived is “Einstein on the Beach” by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson and it is being revived by the Brooklyn Academy of Music which also likes to go by BAM. The performances are occurring all week, ending this Sunday. If you want to get some more information, this New York Times article sums it up pretty well. “Einstein” is a work that has gone through many failed revivals, and is not likely to live through many more. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely take a look.


Einstein on the Beach Score: M1500 .G515 E5 2006

Einstein on the Beach Recording: CD 9615