New Year, New Music!

Serge Koussevitzky Four Pieces For Double Bass and Piano M237.K68 F68 2004

Darius Milhaud Scaramouche Suite for saxophone & orchestra Reduction for saxophone and piano M1035.S4 M55 op.165c 2013

Charles E. Ives Trio For Violin Cello, and Piano M312.I94 T7 2000

Pierre Max Dubois Concerto For Alto Saxophone M1106.D82 C6 1959

Wolfgang Jacobi Sonata For Alto Saxophone and piano M269 .J16 1965

Sydney Hodkinson Panels: Simple Songs Without Words For Oboe and Piano M246.H691 P36 2016

Sydney Hodkinson Panels: Simple Songs Without Words For Bb Soprano Saxophone and Piano M269.H63 P36 2016

Paul Bonneau Deux Caprices en Form de Valse For Alto Saxophone M269.B65 C36 2001

Koussevitzky Valse Miniature For String Bass and Piano M238.K84 V3 1949

Ed. Larry Teal Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player M268 .S596 2011

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto in a minor M1041 .B8 op.102 2015

Beethoven String Trios and Duo M178.B4 P6 2009

Georges Bizet Carmen M1500.B629 C4 2008

Tchaikovsky Trio For Piano, Violin, and Cello M312 .T35 op.50 2014

Johannes Brahms Piano Trios M312.B73 H5 2000 

Robert Schumann Works for Piano Trio M312.S43 T78 2012

Donald J. Pease Saxophone Method MT 502 .P43 P76 1960 

Todd Coolman The Bass Tradition MT330 .C65 1985

New CDs

Beyonce Compact Disc 2806

Beyonce I Am…Sasha Fierce Compact Disc 2805

United States Marine Band Picture Studies Compact Disc 2804

A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service Compact Disc 2802

Maurice Jarre Laurence of Arabia Compact Disc 2799

Johann Gottlieb Goldberg Beyond the Variations Compact Disc 2809

Alan Menken The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz Compact Disc 2812

Danish National Symphony Orchestra Poul Ruders Symphony No. 5 Compact Disc 2808