New CDs: Florence, Django, and Sara Bareilles

Welcome back to school everyone! Over the summer we have weeded out our CD collection, which means there is now space in the stacks for new and exciting CDs!

We have many new CDs rolling in, but here are three we thought you wouldn’t want to miss.



Is Meryl Streep as good(??) as the real Florence?

Florence Foster Jenkins: The Complete Recordings CD 2731

Have you seen Meryl Streep’s new movie “Florence Foster Jenkins yet? If you’re wondering what the real Florence Foster Jenkins sounds like, we just got a CD version of her only recordings in at the Music library! If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a quick recap: Florence Foster Jenkins was a socialite and self-proclaimed coloratura soprano in New York, who enjoyed giving frequent private concerts for her friends, and enjoyed a robust singing career, singing for a sold out Carnegie Hall, and at the Ritz-Carlton. Cole Porter wrote a song for her, and Lily Pons and Sir Thomas Beecham were fans of hers. She founded the “Verdi Club” with the aim of promoting the Grand Opera and benefiting artists and musicians. What made Florence so unique? She couldn’t sing.

This CD contains the 9 pieces which Florence and her long-time accompanist Cosme McMoon, recorded in New York between 1941 and 1944. These recordings were paid for by Florence, and originally only distributed to friends.The CD version of the recordings was released a few months before the release of the film.



See for yourself how Florence sings with admirable enthusiasm and confidence, while missing the mark in regards to rhythm and intonation. (Staff favorite is Adele’s Laughing song from Die Fledermaus)

The movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” is still in theaters in D.C., and the Music Library now has a documentary feature about Florence which will be on the shelf next week!



Quentin Tarantino’s Django CD 2730

Remember the incredible soundtrack to the film Django Unchained? We now have it available for check out, along with many other great film soundtracks which arrived over the summer! (Check those out here) Quentin Tarantino is not only the director of this film but also the Executive Music Producer, giving the movie and its music an incredible synthesis. Several original songs were written by Tarantino for the film, and the soundtrack also includes songs featuring John Legend, Rick Ross, Jamie Foxx, James Brown and 2PAC, and Ennio Morricone.



I love you like a table

Sara Bareilles’ Waitress CD 2729

Sara Bareilles has written a Broadway musical, called Waitress, and it’s a whopping success! (4 Tony Nominations!) Based on the 2007 indie film with the same title, it tells the story of Jenna Hunterson, a waitress in a small town who is unexpectedly pregnant. She fears she will have to give up her dream of opening her own pie shop until she hears about a pie making contest. Whether you’re a Sara Bareilles fan or not, this musical is worth a listen, with songs that feel like a mix of pop, musical theater with a twang of country.



Fun Fact: Waitress made history as the first musical in Broadway history in which the top creative slots (writer, composer, director, choreographer) are filled by four women.