Steven Stucky, the Composer, Conductor, Educator, and Author


We lost a great composer over the weekend that we wanted to pay tribute to here at the library. His name is Steven Stucky, and he was one of America’s most highly regarded and frequently performed composers of our time. He was an active conductor, lecture, teacher, holding multiple positions in music at several institutions. His achievements were noted and he was awarded with prizes like the Pulitzer, Guggenheim, Lieberson, Victor Herbert. To keep it short, he was an important figure in the contemporary music scene.


Here at the library, we’re privileged enough to house a few of the works of this great composer.

In our audio collection, we hold:

American Breeze, which features a piece called “Serenade for Woodwind quintet” CD 9957

His GRAMMY nominated oratorio for mezzo-soprano, soprano, tenor, baritone, choir and orchestra called “August 4, 1964” (available through our streaming services)

His work written for solo marimba titled “Dust Devil.” CD 5102

“In Shadow, In light” (available through our streaming services)

His orchestral work titled “Son et lumieire” (available through our streaming services)

In our sheet music collection, we hold:

We have his orchestra piece, “Silent Spring: For Orchestra,” a solo marimba work of his cited above ^ titled”Dust Devil,” and a chamber work for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello,  and piano titled “Ad Parnassum.”

In our book collection, we hold:

Stucky was an expert on polish composer Witold  Lutoslawski so he wrote a book about him.


Read more about the life of this man, listen and read his works. They really are amazing!

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