Cool DC Events – Nakatani Gong Orchestra, Metal night at the Pinch, and Nathan Bowles & Daniel Bachman

Team –

Been too long.

For those of you still around, and who didn’t leave for the break, there’s some totally rad music that continues to happen during the holiday break days.  And you’re invited.

Thursday: Nakatani Gong Orchestra at the Back Alley Theater





The always interesting and experimental Back Alley Theater is having Philly’s own Mr. Nakatani back down for some sweet gong action.  This man bows goings, lots of them, huge ones, to great effect.  Tonight’s show will feature some local hired guns for the sake of true vibes.  8 pm.  Probably a $10 cover.  Super family-friendly and kinda way out for most people (Colorado Ave and Kennedy St NW – it’s a hike), but that kinda adds to it.  “What’d you do last night?” “Traveled a bit of a ways for this amazing gong show in a basement.” “Woah.”

Friday: Metal Night at the Pinch

The Pinch.  Ever heard of it?  They have this amazing burger with pulled duck, which I highly recommend.  Below the restaurant there’s a scuzzy DIY space and tomorrow night Washington’s own DC Heavy Metal ( is working with a local brewery to do a beer and metal night.  It’s an annual thing.  I mean, beer pairs well with doom metal, n’est-ce pas? Update: I could have sworn that a brewery was involved with this, but maybe not.  I’m sure the Pinch will have beer.  Show is all ages.


All the info is there, as well as metal Chris providing all the incentive you need to be there.  Fortress and Borracho are both local, brah.  $8.


Saturday: Nathan Bowles & Daniel Bachman at Red Onion Records

Folks, this will be a nice show.

Nathan Bowles plays banjo:

Bowles used to be in Pelt and is currently in the Black Twig Pickers.  No BS Americana music for the modern times.

In support will be AU Music Library fav Daniel Bachman (CD 1873):

If you like America (and probably Fahey, Basho, Jungkins, Rose, etc….), then you’ll love this.  Red Onion Records is at 18th and T Northwest, just south of Adams Morgan.  Free show, folks! (Full disclosure: I, Sam, work at this record store.)

Ya’ll be safe.  Might have one more post next week about a winter solstice new age night that you need to be a part of, so stay tuned.

– Sam