Cool DC Events – In C, BadBadNotGood, and Rashad Becker

Morning Team.

Nippy out there, but I kinda like it.

Count them, folks, THREE shows to tell you about, and they are all tonight.  Tonight’s the night….

First – IN C in Katzen

In the Abramson Family Recital Hall Noah Getz will be leading an AU workshop.  And what will they be workshopping? In C, Terry Riley’s landmark composition from the mid-sixties.  The cool thing about this piece is how open the score is, how much it invites different ensembles to take it in different directions.  Very cool stuff, folks.  This show starts at 8 pm.

Second – BadBadNotGood at the Tavern

If head spinning modern classical isn’t your thing, maybe avant / hip-hop jazz melts your butter.  Our comrades over at WVAU are hosting this very cool band called BadBadNotGood over in the Tavern.  Dig the above session: three regular folks in regular duds tearing into their instruments, but not in a showy way.  This is not your dad’s ‘Dan-esque lite-jazz schmoo – this is almost acoustic punk (jam / hip-hop / irreverent / good-times / …) jazz.  There’s lots to like about this group, for sure.

Hep cats from all over the AU community will be there, and I’ve even heard there’ll be some mind-expanding video projections to set the mood real nice.  Festivities kick off at 8 pm, again in the Tavern, for the college-student-friendly price of free (with AU ID).

Third – Rashad Becker at Pyramid Atlantic

If you can even think of not going to either of the above way rad events tonight, the ever-amazing promotional group Select DC, in conjunction with noise / improv stalwarts Sonic Circuits, are bringing to DC Rashad Becker.

Who?  I know, I know.  I know him cause he masters vinyl for a whole bunch of great experimental music releases.  All I can say is that this event will be experimental electronic music of the highest order.  No beats, no vocals: just wild sounds at the edge of oblivion.  For fans of Henry, Parmegiani, Rozmann, Bayle, machines making farting sounds, electro-acoustic music, musique concrete, and all other manner of sounds that make folks angry when you use the word ‘music’.

Info is here.  $10.

This is why you came to DC, folks.  Chances to see interesting art, out in the real, unmediated, extra-tubes world.  Don’t just sit there and you tube it – go be there!  Now!  Go out and live it up.

Have a good weekend.

Sam at the Music Library.