Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh – TRANSCRIBED!

Remember Jurassic Park? Classic childhood film. Dinosaurs and all of it. But I bet this little oddity slipped past you:



DID YOU HEAR THAT LAUGH? Actually more of a composite of several different laugh ideas, and almost certainly overdubbed after the fact (his mouth doesn’t move at all), Jeff Goldblum’s laugh in the helicopter scene (following a puzzlingly unfunny joke) is one of the strangest and funniest slip-ups in a major film (that I can think of, at least). Thanks to one clever YouTuber, it has become modestly internet famous, with about 500,000 views and counting at the time of this writing.

But it’s about to get a lot more popular, because the brilliant Evan Kent has made it available to be played and taught in any household or school where music is played. That’s right, he’s transcribed the laugh into musical notation. It proves to be quite the accomplished composition, complete with time signature changes and dynamic leaps. Kent even had the acumen to notice that the “huh” in the 3/8 section of the laugh was possibly performed by the man sitting next to Goldblum, making this a duet! Play it with your friends and coworkers!some quick sketches from my new masterpiece

And John Cage thinks he’s all that.

P.S.- for the very interested, here’s a hilarious remix video of the original laugh: