A Salute to Our Favorite Drummers

Give the drummer some! We at the AU Music Library have a special place in our heart for the percussionally-inclined (I don’t care if that’s not a real word in there). As a matter of fact, both of my bosses are drummers, and they’re pretty cool! Sam ripped the skins back when he was a young punk, and Nobue is the bee’s knees at classical percussion. And guess what? I too am a drummer! What a suprise!

Anyways, in honor of Nobue’s upcoming gig in Texas (more on that soon), we’ve decided to treat you to some of our favorite drummer videos. Now these drummers may not be the most traditionally talented out there (maybe that post will come another day), but they’ve all got more than enough personality to bring them to the top in our eyes. After all, we should all agree that your drummer face is just as important as how fast you can paradiddle.

Until today I thought that everybody had seen this first one, but then I found out that Sam hadn’t and realized that there may be more poor souls out there who hadn’t yet witnessed the famous Drummer at the Wrong Gig. So here he is, in all his flailing, ecstatic, caring too much to be in a wedding band glory.

Here’s a rarer gem in a similar vein, although still pretty popular, it seems. This guy really takes the cake for over-emoting/stealing the spotlight. While the singer indeed sings beautifully and the song is a nice Korean torch song, the whole vibe is thrown off by the drummer’s ridiculous enthusiasm, playing sensitively but in an insensitive manner. The results are hilarious. My favorite moment is early on, when the camera is on the singer but you can see the drummer’s face on the edge of the frame, contorting in musical glee. His stick twirls, while less deranged than our gold-jacketed hero from above, are hilarious nonetheless simply due to their ubiquity.

And then, in contrast with these two showboaters, there’s the meek but mighty Garth Algar (played by Dana Carvey) from Wayne’s World. When Wayne, Garth and Cassandra visit the guitar store, Wayne fawns over a white Strat, but Garth slips off to the drum section (as drummers are wont to do) and plays an epic solo on his own. When complimented afterwards by an admirer, he simply responds: “I like to play”. Garth Algar is a true hero of a drummer, one who plays because he likes to, and this is one of my favorite scenes (in a music-related film, at least). The crucial scene is at 0:40-1:58.

Hope this inspires you to pick up the sticks, or at least gives you a good laugh that’ll last you till hump day.