AU Musical Events: Bicentenary of Adolphe Sax

Are you a fan of this guy? This guy? How about this guy? If so, think about this: None of them would be able to make the impression they made on music without THIS GUY: Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone (get it?).

This famed instrument designer was born in 1814 in Belgium to a father who was also an instrument designer. From a young age, Adolphe revealed a strong talent for instrument design, creating woodwind instruments in his teens and entering them in contests. He studied flute and clarinet at conservatory in Brussels before entering a career of design, during which he developed several types of horns, some successful and some not so. His most successful developments were a valved bugle called the saxhorn, his first great triumph, and of course, the saxophone itself, his last invention before becoming a teacher at the Paris Conservatoire.

Why the life story, you may ask? Because of this: Another AU Musical Event! 2014 happens to be the bicentenary of Adolphe Sax’s birth year, and AU is hosting an exhibition of his life and innovation in the Katzen Rotunda. The exhibit is being co-sponsored by Sax’s town, Dinant, the Wallonia region of Belgium, the Belgian Embassy, the International Adolphe Sax Association, AND Stella Artois!

The exhibit, fully titled “The Bicentenary of Adolphe Sax; Belgian Illustrious Inventor of the Saxophone”, has already  been going on for a week, but it will continue to live in the Rotunda until September 11. On Saturday, September 6 at 6pm, AU faculty member Noah Getz (saxophone instructor and leader of AU Workshop) will lead a saxophone quartet performance to celebrate further the creator of the saxophone.

Other than that, it’ll be open every day until the 11th from 10am-6pm in the Katzen Rotunda. Come by!

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