Cool DC Event: Daniel Bachman in-store











The AU Music Library would like to hip you all to yet another cool DC event.

This time ’round it’s an in-store performance.  Folks have been to these, right?  It’s a nice way for an artist to play in an intimate space where merch-selling is encouraged (fun fact: musicians need to eat / pay bills / etc).  And it’s a nice way for a store to bring some people in the door.  Win-win, really.

So, tomorrow, at Red Onion Records [full-disclosure: I, Sam, work there sometimes] Mr. Daniel Bachman will be doing an in-store performance at around 7:30 pm.  Daniel is an amazing guitarist in the tradition of, ahem, American Primitive Guitar Music, a phrase coined by none-other than John Fahey himself (AU ML tip: CD 4335 is a great place to start, but we also have a DVD about him too).  This is most-often vocal-less acoustic guitar music, ideal for porch sitting and mind-wandering.  Leave your A-type instincts at the door, cause this’ll be all about slow, simple pleasure.


Behold Mr. Bachman!

and again…

So yeah.  This one will be for fans of mellower times.  Come on out into the DC night and relax.

Red Onion Records is at 18th and T, the show starts at 7:30 pm, and yes, it’s free.

Hope to see you there!