Summer Jams – Avi Avital on Mandolin




It’s summer here at the Katzen Arts Center – you can tell by the presence of children here for music camp. We’re busy here in the Music Library, scanning sheet music and spiffing up the place for the fall.

But not so busy that we can’t take a moment with some new arrivals.

Enter Avi Avital. Venerable classical label Deutsche Grammophon – with their wonderful trademark shade of yellow – has released Mr. Avital’s newest, and it slays. This is music for mandolin, and the selections on this record are all over the map: Bartok and Villa-Lobos but also some lesser-known pieces by Bloch, Bat Chaim, Falla, and Piazzolla. Dig, too, some mean renderings of traditional Bulgarian and Welsh music. A lot of this is fun, enthusiastic music, and Avital is nothing short of amazing on mandolin.

Seriously, this guy shreds.

I have said it before, but the best part about working in and being around the AU Music Library is getting turned on to new music that you haven’t heard before. This new CD was ordered and recommended by one of our part time staff members – himself an avid mandolinist – and it’s fun to have the human beings around you getting excited and passionate about great music. No need for fancy algorithms here. Nor do we really want some famous person far away setting up our playlist. No, it’s more fun to get recs from people close by. Yes, this is a plug and yes you should stop by the music library for a recommendation or three.

Hail summer and hail virtuoso mandolin playing!

CD 1429