Cool DC Event: Priests



Morning Team.


This week’s Cool DC Event is most definitely tonight’s Priests show at the Black Cat backstage.  It’s all-ages and $10 and will almost certainly sell out.  



Priests are a DC-based punk rock band that’s getting a good amount of attention recently.  Exhibit A. Exhibit B. There are a few more to exhibit but you get the point.  Priests make punk rock that matters to them.  Hard to know what to write here cause, as ever, the music kinda just speaks for itself.  You either really want to go to a show like this or you most certainly don’t.  It’s messy, political, in-yr-face surf-punk.  They’ve been on the scene and, honestly, they weren’t that great when they started out.  But they toured and played more and released a couple of tapes and played more shows and now they are really sick live.  This is the way it’s done, folks: you work at it.  Priests have put in the work and now they’r releasing an EP and their audience is growing enormously.  Which is great, cause their music is abrasive and wild and a lot of fun.  


It’s tonight at 8pm.  Pinkwash and The Shondes are opening.  GET THERE EARLY!