Cool DC Event: Ayman Fanous and Jason Kao Hwang



Afternoon Music Library Geeks.


A few weeks back, one of us here at the AU Music Library caught a performance up in Petworth, drawn in part just by the name: Nakatani Gong Orchestra.  An orchestra of gongs, folks, bowed and beaten.  With one half of the show one Mr. Nakatani, from outside Philly, wailing away on percussion instruments making more variety of sounds than the zoo’s got animals, and the other half a proper small orchestra of gongs of various sizes, with local improvisers having been enlisted, and Mr. Nakatani leading the charge, it was a special evening.  One highlight was the intermission when about ten kids from the audience were encouraged to bang the gongs at their leisure.  It was adorable.  


Well, this week’s Cool DC Event is at the same space: the Back Alley Theater in sunny Petworth/Brighton.  Tonight is the contemporary free improv duo of Jason Kao Hwang and Ayman Fanous.  Never heard of them?  Neither had we.  BUT.  We do happen to know that the kind folks that run the Back Alley Theater, highly professional / un-professional noise-niks with a good, let’s say robust history in the DC avant / improv / noise scene, have excellent taste.  They are also excellent people.  


We’re listening to the soundcloud sample here, and hot darn! folks.  We are in for a treat.  Mr. Kao Hwang is on viola and violin and Mr. Fanous plays guitar and bouzouki.  This duo has been working in the downtown NYC free improv scene for more than a decade now and it’s clear from what we’re hearing that these two are total pros.  Beautiful, formed improvisational music on classical instruments.  Listen and create in a moment; gone just as fast.  





And on the Yoo Toob:



As you can see, everyone, this is going to be rad.  The basement space of the Back Alley Theater is the perfect venue for something like this.  Nice and intimate.  The others on the bill are B-More trumpet player Jaime Branch (playing with Anthony Pirog of Janel and Anthony fame) and Nine Strings, a duo of double bass and cello who also bring along electronics for the full effect.  


Doors are at 7:30 PM and the sounds will come wafting from the Theater at 8:00 PM.  The Back Alley Theater is at 1563 Kennedy Street NW – we humbly suggest you bike on up.  This is a family-friendly event, bien sur.


See you there, forks.  







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  1. Thank you for this lovely article! The correct address of the Back Alley Theater is 1365 Kennedy St. but, the actual entrance is at the corner of Kennedy and Colorado Ave. See you at the next show — June 26!

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