Cool DC Events: Swans



Afternoon everyone.

Today we’re letting you know about yet another Cool DC Event.  This time ’round, it’s a rock show at the Black Cat.  It’s tonight.  And it’s Swans.



If you’re unfamiliar, Swans was a noise-rock band that started in NYC in the early 80’s.  Lead by shaman / preacher / total weirdo one Michael Gira, Swans spat vitriol.  Just super heavy, apocalyptic stuff.  We should also mention that this music is repetitive in nature, so think Terry Riley or Steve Reich, but with boat-loads of fear and loathing.  An aural assault.  The band went on for years playing shows and putting out records, building a cult following, before Gira hung up his stetson with the Swans band and started something new.


Flash forward to 2010, and Gira feels there’s something more that he can do under the name of Swans.  He gets a group of 5 other men together – see above – and continues afresh to make punishing, sensory-obliterating sound.  2012 saw the release of The Seer, which your humble AU Music Library currently is in possession of, and it’s a sprawling opus of over 2 hours.  Chimes, drums, lap steel, incantations, guest vocals, a 32 minute center-piece with a 6 minute reprise; the artwork is a very scary dog.  Amazingly, this record brings Gira’s band more critical praise and popularity than ever (we’re talking about abrasive noise-rock, here, it should be noted).


The band just (yesterday) put out its latest record, To Be Kind.  This one is also over 2 hours long, and the reviews we’ve read thus far have all been calling it nothing short of incredible.  How do you follow up an opus?  How about with another opus.  With babies.



So yeah.  If you were looking to re / de map your mind, tonight’s show is for you.  Black Cat.  Show starts at 8pm.

Be well everyone.