AU Musical Events: Sound Collage, 4/27

Concert season rolls on and on, enriching AU’s community with art and giving me more to write about! We already talked about Unfinished Business, AUSO&C’s final performance of the semester. But that’s just Friday and Saturday! What about Sunday? AU Workshop’s got you covered.

AU Workshop (formerly AU Jazz Workshop) is like the evil twin of our Jazz Orchestra (in a good way). While the Orchestra, as the name suggests, focuses mostly on traditional big band arrangements, the Workshop explores the history and future of jazz. Student-written bossa nova charts rub shoulders with arrangements of Kool & The Gang and Radiohead.

The Workshop is no stranger to collaborations with the Audio Tech department- band director Noah Getz welcomes electronic improvisations just as much as improv on instruments. This semester’s show,  called “Sound Collage,” includes a collaboration with ATEC professor William Brent, using electronics to enhance the Workshop’s out-of-time vibe. There will also be arrangements of works by composers as diverse as John Cage and Led Zeppelin. Sounds like a surreal dream.

The show will be in Katzen at 3 pm on Sunday the 27th, perfect to catch after your bottomless brunches! Tickets are $5 for AU community members and $10 for the general public.

Here’s the event page:

And the facebook page: