AU Musical Events: Jazz Jam Session 3/28

Hey, readers! Tired of posts about recordings of other musicians? Tired of event posts telling you where you can go see other people perform? If this is the case, then this week’s AU Musical Event will be right up your alley.

Tomorrow (3/28) comes AU’s first Jazz Jam Session! Occurring in Katzen 151 (that big classroom in Katzen), it is an opportunity for anybody to show up and play along. Tunes will be selected from the infamous Real Book (or maybe a fake book).

The event flyer makes sure to note that rhythm section members are particularly prized (the opposite of my high school jazz band), so if you play drums, bass, guitar or piano, just know that you’ll be hugely adored for helping to hold it down. If you’re not a rhythm section player, you’re obviously still invited.

This is a great opportunity for student musicians. Even if you’re not part of the Department of Performing Arts, you’re welcome to join and shed some tunes, as they say. It’s on from 5:30 to 8:30!