Cool DC Events: Ava Luna & Krill @ the Dunes, 3/21

Sup readers? How’s it going? Invigorated by the Vernal Equinox? Infuriated by our basketball team’s brutal loss? Enthused by the promise of that elusive moment, the weekend? It’s been a long four-day week to follow up Spring Break and you want to go to a cool show. You want DIY but you don’t want punk. Well guess what? Your wishes are about to be granted.

For, dear readers, there’s an excellent show coming tomorrow night! Two awesome bands are coming to play. Their names are Ava Luna (of Brooklyn) and Krill (of Boston).

Ava Luna are making some of the most innovative and interesting music under the whole “indie rock” umbrella. Their sound, self-described as “nervous soul,” combines bits and pieces of R&B, funk, punk, post-punk, No Wave, electro, and dance, cobbling these influences together into a sound that alternates between groovy, claustrophobic, goofy, and wild, often all in one minute. It seems too good to work but the five members of Ava Luna are masters at their craft, armed with not one but three hyper-talented vocalists (two of which are female, a la the more rockish Dirty Projectors) and a rhythm section of hermetic tightitude.

Krill, on the other hand, fit squarely into the indie rock category. A three-piece (guitar, drums, bass/vocals), they carry on the proud Boston lineage of the Pixies, with songs that would be pretty if not for the crashing drums, jagged reverb-laden guitar and manic vocals. Singer Jonah’s lyrics are brilliant displays of passive-aggressive self-loathing that only relent when they poke fun at their own melodrama.

The third act on the bill are called Laughing Man, a DC-based Dischord band that the event page calls “post-R&B.” Further investigation reveals that they, similarly to Ava Luna, enjoy blending disparate genre elements into their own unique sound. Sure to rise to the occasion.

Where is this going down, you may inquire? Well, readers, I’ll tell ya. It’s happening at The Dunes, an art space in Columbia Heights, tomorrow night. Tickets are $10 at the door and it starts at 7. Cancel those dinner plans with dad- this is a show you don’t want to miss a minute of.

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