Sweet New Arrivals: The Wire

If you’ve ever visited the Music Library (we hope so), you’ve probably noticed our fat stacks of Billboard magazines. These are magazines devoted to keeping up with the mainstream music industry, as measured by radio charts and articles about high-powered musicians and executives.

Now, we’ve begun a subscription to a music mag of an entirely different sort: The Wire. This UK-based magazine is devoted to music that flies more under the radar- experimental music in many genres.

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Evolution of The Wire

The Wire began in the early 1980s as a publication devoted to the jazz world. As it grew in fame and influence, it began to branch out into the worlds of hip hop, electronic music, folk, and even rock (albeit the experimental fringes of these genres).


This month’s cover features electronic artist Actress, as well as stories about instrument builder Ellen Fullman, saxophonist Steve Lacy, ambient musician William Basinski, and outsider folkie Jandek (who The Wire seems to love quite a bit). Come check it out, and come back every month for more challenging and exciting music insight, courtesy of The Wire and your very own Music Library!