AU Musical Events: The Alchemist

Sup, AU folks? Looking for a Valentine’s weekend activity? Did you catch yesterday’s post about the Concerto Competition? Problem solved!

Unless, of course, you prefer theater. In which case, there’s an entirely different option for you this weekend, which is the topic of today’s post: Four showings of the classic Ben Jonson comedy The Alchemist, directed by the DPA’s own professor Karl Kippola are happening this weekend at the Greenberg Theatre!

The Alchemist was first performed in 1610 by the King’s Men (a troupe which Bill Shakespeare was a member of). A satire of the folly of those with high ego and low ambition (who would hope to be able to turn lead to gold, or get something for nothing), its message still rings true today.

Musical accompaniment for this performance (composed by Handel for the original comedy) will be provided by AU’s Chamber Orchestra, conducted by DPA professor Yaniv Dinur. There will be three 8 PM performances (Thursday the 13th, Valentines’ Eve and Saturday the 15th) and one matinee show on the 15th at 2 pm. The matinee show will be followed by a discussion by two AU professors on the history of alchemy and society!

Tickets are $15 for the general public and $10 for AU community members and seniors- a great deal for what looks like a funny, entertaining and intriguing night of comedy!