AU Musical Events: AUIAC METAL SHOW, 1/31

Look out, AU! This weekend at Kay Basement, the underground floor of our nondenominational chapel, in a spectacular display of irony, American University’s Independent Arts Collective is hosting a severely UNholy night. Four metal bands, each with a more comedic/disturbing name or description than the next, are coming Friday night to melt the collective face. Little did you know that our humble little spiritual center is such a friendly space for DIY events!

Morbid Saint: leather & ripped denim

The bill includes headliners Morbid Saint, a Wisconsin thrash band (since 1982!) and three acts from the DC/Baltimore area: Ilsa, Noisem and… Genocide Pact. All promise a healthy brew of death metal, thrash and a general atmosphere of entropy and insanity.

Ilsa: power beards

So come on over at 8 PM and mosh yer heart out! Tickets are $10 beforehand and $12 at the door. If you like metal, this is a great way to support one of AU’s smaller show-hosting clubs. Oh, and be sure to clown my supervisor, Sam, if you see him there. He LOOOOOVES metal.

The facebook event: