Staff Picks: ALL THE THINGS YOU HATE TO LOVE: Give This to Yourself – It’s Finals Week

During these trying times of studying for finals and completing projects, it is important to give yourself lil’ something. So put down the album of that band that’s about to make it big in Brooklyn and listen to these wonderful pieces of art that, whether you want to admit it or not, you love.


Tom Petty a great place to start and a true national treasure, not only memorable for his stint as writer for one of America’s greatest guilty pleasures, the show 7th Heaven, but also for the world’s favorite road-trip anthem, “Free Fallin”.  Don’t worry, we have all screamed that chorus at the top of our lungs at one point, while running on nothing other than Cheetos and the open road.

Petty’s second solo album, Wildflowers, however, is a slight change of pace.  With a stripped down, relaxed feel, Wildflowers really illuminates Tom’s skill and confidence in the trade. While some songs do have an overtly laid-back feel to them, the headliners of the album really push this album to be one of his best, in my modest opinion.


Next we need to talk about Savage Garden. This Australian Pop duo that tragically broke up in the early 2000’s reached international success with killer tracks such as, “Truly, Madly, Deeply”, no easy feat, considering how far that music had to travel. I don’t really feel that these lusty boys need much of an introduction, just you solid commitment to enjoy golden 90’s pop.

ImageThird Eye Blind.  Ah yes.  Third Eye Blind was there for you when you wanted to do, “that garage band thing”; they were there for you when when your heart screamed the words your head just couldn’t put together. As with any post-one-hit-wonder album, even though Third Eye Blind’s second album, “Blue“, was a solid attempt to crawl out of the sink hole created by the success of “Semi-Charmed Life”, as much as it pains me to say, there are some misses on the album. However, do not let their enthusiasm to continue making top notch 90’s alt rock stop you from encountering a wonderful experience, this is still well worth a listen especially if those angsty finals-feelings are getting you down.


Take a moment. Look into Lionel Richie’s eyes. That’s Right, he sees straight into your soul and understands those woes. It’s ok, you can cry….I’ll give you a moment…………………

It should be noted that the album, “Louder Than Words” (amazing title) is home to some of Lionel’s debut rapping attempts.

That is all.


All sarcasm and joking aside, King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King” is a genuinely fantastic set of music and what many would label as the band’s definitive album. A truly remarkable feat, especially considering it was the band’s debut album. This is the good stuff that you put on while in a dark room, alone, lying on the shag carpet.  Take the time; respect it, love it.

Thank you for your time, please come to the music library, where all of these albums will be on the shelf directly in front of you as you walk in.  Borrow them, love them.

Alex Out.