The Brand New “Like A Rolling Stone” Video

Wow, team. Just wow.

Heard of “Like A Rolling Stone”? That Bob Dylan song, voted #1 best song of all time by Rolling Stone, that song on Highway 61 Revisited, voted #4 best album of all time by Rolling Stone? Even without this hype, however, from a magazine that may have taken its name from the song, you can recognize it as the “how does it feel” song, that song that can make you laugh and cry nearly (and possibly) at the same time, that song that sounds like it’s over your head but simultaneously means more to you than anything else you’ve ever heard.

Well, now it has a music video. And what a video. Designed by digital production company Interlude Studios, this interactive video simulates a television set (complete with volume and channel selection). It is the viewer’s job to change the channel, through a variety of different channels: a news channel, a sports channel, several game shows/reality shows, a kids’ cartoon… The thing is that every channel contains a different program, but every program’s character is singing the words of “Like A Rolling Stone”! It’s like my dream TV. Pretty weird too.

Bob Dylan

The TV also includes a “classic music videos” channel where you can watch vintage footage of Dylan performing the song, and a channel on which rapper Danny Brown sings the song while swinging and eating various items of food (including matzah, while laying on a sidewalk, pictured below). Quite surreal!

Watch Bob Dylan's Insane Interactive

Anyways, I bet you want to watch it, if you haven’t yet. Here’s a WaPo article with the video embedded. And if it really interests you, the aforementioned Rolling Stone has written a piece about the making of the video. And if it REALLY interests you, come by the music library and check out the Highway 61 Revisited CD, and just listen to the song over and over again! I would… and have…