AU Musical Events: Mac DeMarco

Did ya catch our post from a couple days ago about this AU musical event on Friday? Seems like a cool jazzy time, but what if it doesn’t work out? Busy that night? Swing ain’t your style? Or do you want more than one on-campus musical event to go to this weekend?

If you answered yes to any of those, WVAU (American University’s very own internet-only student-run radio station) has your back! You see, on Saturday night, WVAU (collaborating with SUB) are bringing none other than rising indie rockstar Mac DeMarco to perform in the SIS Founder’s room.

Mac, hailing from America’s very own hat, Canada, will bring a great night to AU, full of his own brand of slackeriffic indie guitar rock. The thing about Mac is, despite his uncompromisingly chill vibe, he’s hiding quite an incredible musical brain, each one of his songs boasting addictive, sweet hooks and casually pretty guitar arrangements. Since the release of his second album, the sleazy masterpiece of narcotic guitar known simply as 2, he’s been picking up a lot of buzz and touring nearly incessantly. Live, his vibe is supplemented by his goofy antics and a host of hilarious cover songs. Definitely worth missing that frat party!

And don’t fret about the price, folks; it’s free for all AU students! It is, however, closed to the public, so if you’re thinking of bringing your non-AU significant other to the concert, forget it! Local DC band Shark Week is opening, bringing their best faux-Californian surf rock swag. It’s gonna be a sweet time!

And here’s the event page:


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