Staff Picks from Ella!

This week’s staff picks are all the soundtracks from Motion Pictures. Aside from all of these movies being fabulous, the music in them is also downright stellar!

Music from Baz Lurhman’s Film, The Great Gatsby (CD 10106)

“A little party never killed nobody…”

This soundtrack is a compelling mix of contemporary hip hop, rap, and rock blended with the 20’s jazz aesthetic The Great Gatsby is known for. If you’re looking for a soundtrack of 1920’s period pieces you’ll be disappointed. Baz Lurhman and Jay Z have created a slickly produced album that effectively evokes the noir-dance party vibe the glamorously updated Great Gatsby film embodies.

Pulp Fiction (CD 9638)

The soundtrack the Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic combines elements of Americana, rock and roll, surf music, and soul. Often feeling like the soundtrack to a Western, the catchy and distinctive soundtrack packs a pop-culture punch that’s mirrored in the film.

Once (4794)

The film “Once” follows the love story and musical collaboration of two musicians (played by real life collaborators Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova). The music featured in the soundtrack is the heartfelt singer-songwriter compositions of the two musicians.

Moulin Rouge (5401)

Again, in true Baz Lurhman fashion, the soundtrack is an eclectic mix of vibrant pop-culture covers and over-the-top musical numbers performed by the actors in the film. Kitschy and melodramatic though it may be, the Moulin Rouge soundtrack remains one of my favorite albums to have a sassy sing-along too.