American Song, baby

What’s up, readers? Did you wake up from Halloweekend Part 2 with a headache and the realization that you had a big paper on American music history coming up?

Well, if you did, or even if you didn’t, we’ve got a treat for you! One of the hidden gems of our library is our membership in different databases that allow our patrons to stream thousands upon thousands of songs and albums, for research purposes or for otherwise. One such database is called “American Song,” a collection of over 7,000 titles that can be streamed.

BMW splash you on your rainy walk home? Stream this compilation, now on American Song!

Why do I bring this to your attention now? It turns out that American Song has just been updated with 210 new albums from labels including Rebel Records, Archeophone Records, Telarc, Thompson Square Records, and Appleseed Recordings. This has strengthened American Song’s already considerable ranks of blues, bluegrass, folk and soul recordings. Some cool new additions include the above compilation, Live at Buddy Guy’s Legends, Liza Minelli at Carnegie Hall, Hellhound on My Trail: Songs of Robert Johnson, and a compilation that sounds particularly interesting and intense, This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel on 45 RPM 1957-1982.

So intense

This is a great resource both for research (any project regarding American musical folkways in any facet) and for discovering literally thousands of new titles. If this interests you, follow this link: and choose the link for “American Song.” You can access it on any school computer, and if it prompts you for information, you need only to provide your last name and AU ID. Once you do that, you’ll be on your way to seriously discovering American history through music.