Yo-Yo Ma on music & on our shelves!

If you’re at all involved in the classical music world, you’ve heard this guy’s name. Even if you aren’t odds are you’ve still heard about preeminent cellist Yo-Yo Ma. We’ve got several fans of him on our staff.

The New York Times just published a very interesting interview with him in which he discusses his changing relationship with music from youth to adulthood, and, reciprocally, music’s changing relationship with him. This interview should prove to be intriguing to anybody with an interest in music, not specifically fans of classical music. I’ll vouch for that!

Appropriately, this post would be a good opportunity to mention/brag about the large amount of CDs the music library has featuring Yo-Yo Ma. In fact, there are over 40. Our two most recent Yo-Yo Ma CDs are, typically of the cellist’s omnivorous musical outlook, an eclectic duo. From 2013, we have Yo-Yo & his Silk Road Ensemble’s A Playlist Without Borders. This album follows the trend of Ma’s previous Silk Road projects, striving to blend as many of the world’s musical cultures as they can into a dramatic, explosive quasi-classical brew.

From 2011, we have Yo-Yo’s famed Goat Rodeo Sessions, a folky collaboration with fiddler Stuart Duncan, bassist Edgar Meyer & mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile (check out yesterday’s staff picks for one of his albums). This bluegrass-tinged album won a Grammy for Best Folk Album at the 2013 awards (on this blogger’s 20th birthday!). It happens to be our most-circulating CD, so come by and see what the fuss is all about!

Link to the NYT article is below: