Cool DC Events: Cryfest @ The Black Cat

Music library readers! Tired of the constant party lifestyle of your weekend? Wishing that instead of being surrounded by a cohort of faceless, insubstantial revelers, you could be getting in touch with your feelings? Well we at the music library have a perfect idea for something you can do with your sensitive self this very weekend!

That’s right, this week’s Cool DC Event is none other than the Black Cat’s annual Cryfest, a dance party at which songs by the Smiths and the Cure compete to break open those floodgates. This year it’s taking place on Friday night, October 4th!

Does the full-on emotional outburst of the Cure’s Robert Smith really do it for you? Does their deliciously ’80s grandiosity hit that spot? Or does Morrissey’s crooning poetry melt your heart as it rings over the layers of Johnny Marr’s seminal indie pop guitar arrangements? Either way, head to the Black Cat on Friday night to support your favorite sad-sack ’80s band in what the venue’s website calls the “Crybaby Championship of the World”!

Entry is $10 and doors open at 9:30. In Morrissey’s words (this writer is on the Smiths side of the argument), “there’s a club, if you’d like to go/you could meet somebody who really loves you…” We’ll let you find out how that verse ends!

The event page: