New Metronomes!

When you walk into that Katzen practice room, all ready to shred, there’s one thing that you don’t want to realize: that you forgot your metronome! It’s hard to practice effectively without a consistent rhythm. But fear not! It turns out that our very own Katzen Music Library is now carrying not one but three metronomes, each special in its own way:

BOSS Dr. Beat DB-60

Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome  

This is the essential basic metronome. It’s got everything you need to keep time: tempo, style, and time signature. You can adjust whether a light flashes or a sound plays on every beat, and you can also use it to tune your instrument with the “pitch” function. The DB-60 also comes with the ability to store unique tempos in its memory, as well as a timer/stopwatch function.

BOSS Dr. Beat DB-90

Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome  

This metronome is essentially the DB-60 on steroids. In addition to all of its little brother’s functions (minus the timer/stopwatch), the DB-90 allows you to program subdivisions and even make cool drumbeat sounds to play along to! The thing that really sets the DB-60 apart, however, is its coaching function. You can plug your electric guitar, bass, or MIDI keyboard into this metronome and play along, and it will track your playing and let you know how well you’re keeping the beat!

Peterson BodyBeat Sync

Peterson BodyBeat Sync BBS-1 - Wireless Pulsating Metronome  

While, admittedly, these two DB options are pretty awesome, there is one snag: Drummers are usually unable to hear the metronome’s clicks (or various beat sounds) over their instruments! We’ve got the solution for that: the Peterson BodyBeat Sync. This metronome sends a vibration out on every click of the beat through a wired clip which you can attach to your clothing. With the BodyBeat Sync, you won’t need to hear the beat, because you’ll be able to feel it!

So as you can see, we’ve got your metronome options more than covered here at the Katzen Music Library. Come check them out (literally) at any time!