Hello, from Sam!

Morning everyone.  Sam here, the new Cene (Music Library Coordinator).  I’m psyched to be working here at the AU Music Library.  I think it’ll be a real good time.

Just wanted to introduce myself a bit.  I’m from the woods and fields of Massachusetts (Ashby to be exact), and I went to GWU for college, somehow obtaining a degree in literature.  I’ve worked here at AU Library for a while, specifically at the borrowing desk at Bender.  Also, I used to live in Japan – ask me about it sometime.  I have one final year to go before I can call myself a librarian – I’m pursuing a degree over at the Catholic University of America in sunny Brookland.

I grew up playing drums, rock drums.  It’s been a while, but I bet I can still play. I currently have tinnitus from playing said drums loudly.

On to the good stuff!  I like lots of different kinds of music, and I like talking about music with people.  I grew up with indie / alt / grunge rock, so I’m still fond of a lot of that stuff.  For “classical” I dig mostly 20th and contemporary century stuff – Terry Riley, Steve Reich, La Monte Young, Stockhausen, your more out there stuff.  But!  I also have soft spots for Medieval Troubadour music from southern France and various pre-Medieval liturgical musics.  For Jazz, I tend to like it chaotic and spiritual; think Pharaoh Sanders.  I dig a lot of acoustic guitar music like Jack Rose and Sir Richard Bishop and folk rock music like Fairport Convention.  I like a lot of musics from other peoples / cultures / countries, specifically classical Indian ragas.  I can’t seem to get enough ragas.  I love sunn o))) and Earth.  Lastly, right now I’m digging this new Akos Rozman 3LP set on Ideologic Organ records and the new record from the Knife.  Have you heard this thing?  It’s nuts.  Poltical world / electro / drone / noise pop.   Highly recommended.


Anyways, stop by the Music Library in Katzen and say hi any time M – F, 9 to 5pm.  I’m always down to talk about music.  E-mail is at reggio@american.edu / phone is 202-885-3524.

Have a great weekend, folks.