End of Semester Spring Fever!!!

Hello gentle-library folk!

The end of the semester is wrapping up, and with it, there are some exciting happenings going on. LP Bag Sale

Friday, 10am – 2pm:  outside of the Bender Arena we have the an LP bag sale. 10 – 12pm, it’s $3 a bag, 12 – 1, it’s $2 a bag, and 1-2 it’s FREE! There’s no excuse not to enjoy the weather and find some rad records to spice up your collection.

Friday, 8pm: in the recital hall the AU Symphonic Band will be performing.

Sunday, 6pm: in the recital hall, Ellen Rice’s senior cello recital, Continuum will be taking place.

Don’t miss any of these super musical events in your single-minded finals week prep.