Robert’s Stäff Picks!!!

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This set of Staff Picks is dedicated to currently performing string quartets and new music ensembles/composers.

CD 5290 — Six Quartets, Op. 20 — Haydn

The quartets are pretty standard Haydn works but the cool part about this CD is that this recording is played by the Daedalus Quartet.  The Daedalus Quartet is considered a leader among the newest generation of string ensembles.  The members of this string quartet hold degrees from the Julliard School, Curtis Institute, Cleveland Institute, and Harvard University.  Min-Young Kim and Matilda Kaul play violin, Jessica Thompson plays the viola, and Thomas Kraines plays the ‘cello.  This CD was released in 2009.


CD 10048 — Meanwhile — eighth blackbird

eighth blackbird “combines the finesse of a string quartet, the energy of a rock band and the audacity of a storefront theater company.” The members of the ensemble  “hail from America’s Great Lakes, Keystone, Golden and Bay States, and Australia’s Sunshine State.  There are four foodies, three beer snobs and one exercise junkie.”  It seems like it would be fun to hang with these folks. Tim Munro plays the flutes, Michael J. Maccaferri the clarinets, Yvonne Lam the violin & viola, Nicholas Photinos the ‘cello, Matthew Dunvall percussion, and Lisa Kaplan the piano.  This CD was released in 2012.


John Adams

I often reference works by John Adams in my Staff Picks, and I honestly don’t think I could ever forget to mention him.  Adams is a North American based new music composer.  Once again, the symphonic version of my favorite opera, CD 9695 — Doctor Atomic / Guide to Strange Places.  This CD was released in 2009.


CD 10053 – Adam’s Lament — Arvo Pärt

Do you like Arvo Pärt as much as Ethan Hicks? I doubt it, but you should still take a listen to this fantastic Pärt CD that explores many of his works including, but not limited to: Adam’s Lament, Beaatus Petronius, Salve Regina, and Estonian lullaby.  This CD was released in 2012.