Staff Picks:

It’s been over a year since we started writing up staff picks and with over a hundred CDs have been recommended. Therefore, one might think that we would be running out of recommendations.

Not so!

For my sixth staff picks post, I have a nice collection of awesome CDs including one of my favorite recordings




Let’s get started then!

Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa

CD 5948

I first took out this CD two years ago on a whim. The name was really cool, and I had heard good things about this “Arvo Pärt” person. I then promptly forgot about it. A week later I drove up to Massachusetts overnight (to avoid the traffic from a few major cities) and discovered it on the seat next to me. It was something about the desolation of Interstate 84 in Connecticut at 4 a.m. mixed with the distant lamentations of the CD that stays with me to this day.  I can’t really describe it any other way, this is one of my favorite recordings.

Arvo Pärt: Te Deum

CD 5901

There is not much I can say about this CD other than that it is worth listening to.


Do it…

Kronos Quartet: Uniko

CD 5887

I don’t think there is ground left to tread that the Kronos Quartet has not already stomped all over. Anyway, get ready for this; Kronos Quartet collaborates with Finnish composers Samuli Kosminen and Kimmo Pohjonen to create a studio album that blends a string quartet with electronics and accordion. Yeah, I thought so too…

Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass

CD 6835

Now who doesnt love some arpeggiated triads?

Copland Conducts Copland

CD 3412

This CD is worth picking up for Lincoln Portrait alone. It’s perhaps one of the most famous recordings of the work and features Henry Fonda as the narrator. However, you also throw in Billy the Kid and the original Appalachian Spring ballet edition…

and Copland conducting????