YAY: snow & new arrivals!

I know we were all hoping for a snow day (come on AU, you close for rain but not actual snow?!) BUT you know what is almost as exciting as a snow day….NEW ARRIVALS!

S02_256_3_04A Snow 300 X 200

Remembranza – Remembrance of Latin Sounds (CD 10161)

Latvian Winterfest – Cantatas of the Christmas season (CD 10162)

Almeda Trio (CD 10163)

ScoresDartmoor, 1912 – War Horse/ John Williams (M1527.2.W554 D37 2011)

Pan Penseroso for solo flute and orchestra – Martin Bresnick ( M1020.B73 P362 2012)

The Blue Bamboula Piano Solo – Charles Wuorinen (M25.W867 B68 1982)

Perpetual Tango – John Cage ( M25.C34 P47 1984)

Four Psalms for Baritone Voice and Strings – Howard Hanson (M2103.3.H36 P87 2012)

Now go frolic in the snow and forget that school is actually open….ENJOY!