First day of spring means … recital season!

It’s spring at the music library. The flowers are blooming, it’s senior and junior recital season, and the last of the midterms are finishing up.

Now would be the perfect time to head over and learn some music to sing while you spring clean … Or, if you’re looking for something to do, you could attend any one of the exciting student and staff performances coming up soon!

  • Friday 3/22 – Logan Sutherlands Senior Recital, 8pm @ Kay Spiritual Life Center
  • Friday 3/22 – Carly DeFranco’s Senior Recital, 8pm @ Abramson Family Recital Hall
  • Saturday 3/23 – The Gorenman Piano Project: Chopin Edition, Yulia Gorenman in Concert, 8pm @ Abramson Family Recital Hall
  • Sunday 3/24 – Alex Witt’s Senior Recital, 2pm @ Abramson Family Recital Hall
  • Sunday 3/24 – Allie Martin’s Junior Recital, 7pm @ Abramson Family Recital Hall

Happy first day of spring!