Eva’s Staff Picks of the Week!

Hello friends of the Music Library! I hope you had a relaxing (or exciting?!) spring break and are ready for this final stretch of the semester. It feels like we just had midterms yet finals are already looming on the horizon although that does mean summer is finally approaching!

Here are some of my favorite tunes to help you recover from the post-spring break blues, enjoy!

– Jacques Brel- Infinement (CD 5130) : Although frequently mistaken as a French singer (even by our music connoisseur Cene Ketcham), this gem of an artist is actually Belgian! I am always eager to correct this unfortunate mistake because I myself am Belgian and grew up listening to his unique smokey voice. Brel is a legend in my eyes and his theatrical songs tell stories that will never leave you.


– Edith Piaf (CD 5309) : I figured I should continue with this Chanson theme and pick one of my favorite ladies Edith Piaf (who yes is French). Miss Piaf still blows me away every time I listen to her. La Vie en rose will always remain one of the most beautiful songs written.

– Fela! – Broadway Recording (CD 5286) : Shifting drastically away from Piaf and Brel, this pick is one that I keep coming back to. I first saw Fela! The Musical in London 4 or 5 years ago and the music was so unique and compelling that I immediately purchased the CD. Ever since, it has became my go-to in times of low energy or inspiration. The African beats and catchy lyrics will happily be stuck in your head for days.

– The Essential Elvis Presley (CD 10001): I don’t think this needs much explanation but just to reiterate…Elvis is and always will be the King of Rock & Roll. This CD highlights his most famous songs and makes you regret that you weren’t alive in the fifties.

– The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations 30 years of the Beach Boys (CD 9992) : I am finishing this list with the ultimate feel-good/no-stress music ever invented. This seriously impressive collection of 5 CD’s are perfection. Just listen and tune out the world.

That’s all for now. Have a great week and be sure to drop by the library for some new music!