A Special Blog Post: Music and Multimedia!

Recently, the Music Library has acquired a collection of Sixto Rodriguez’s CDs — check them out by clicking on the links below:

Don’t know much about Sixto Rodriguez? Well perhaps it’s about time you should, and the AU Library is here to help. In fact, Sixto Rodriguez has a fascinating story we believe should be shared! He is an American musician whose music never really became popular in the United States, but became extremely famous in South Africa. What is astonishing about his story is that he did not even know he had become famous in South Africa. Searching for Sugar Man is a documentary (available at the AU media services section of the library) that details the story of two of his Cape Town, South Africa fans who go on a quest to discover what had become of Sixto Rodriguez. Haven’t convinced you yet? Perhaps this fact will — this documentary just won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary as well as the Academy Award for Best Documentary.


Speaking of films and music, how about checking out The Buddy Holly Story and Thunder Soul? Both are films that feature the stories of musicians who have truly shaped American music today. And the best part? Both are available at the AU music library!

Last but not least — if these aforementioned musical tastes are not your style, why don’t you check out Wagner’s Der Ring Des Nibelungen, which is also conveniently available at the AU Music Library!


So many things to listen and watch, so little time! Hope you enjoyed the blog post and come in to enjoy our selections sometime!