Brand New Scores

Happy Thursday folks,

We just got a HUGE stack of shiny new scores for you to check out in the Music Library!



Sinfonietta – Leoš Janáček M1001.J36 S56 2010

Complete songs for voice and piano – Clara Schumann M1620.S388 S37 1990

D minor for piano and orchestra – Johannes Brahms M1011.B81 op.15 2010

Accompaniment for a second piano to W.A. Mozart’s Fantasia and Sonata no. XVIII in C minor – Edvard Grieg M214.M689 K.457 1921

Commedia dell’arte : for solo violin and string orchestra– Ellen Taaffe Zwilich M1112.Z95 C66 2012

The Complete Works of William G. Street : 39 studies, solos, and duets for snare drum and timpani by an American masterMT655.5 .S77 1990

Beatles Greatest HitsM1741.18.B36 B37 1991

Donna Che in Ciel – George Friedrich Handel M2021.H36 D66 1980

Technique for The Virtuoso Tympanist – Fred D. Hinger MT660.2.H56 T42 1981

Douze études pour caisse-claire (Twelve studies for the drum) –  Jacques Delécluse MT662.3.D45 D6 1964

Impromptu For Harp op. 86 – Gabriel Fauré M117.F28 op. 86 2004

Harp Concerto, op. 25 : harp and piano – Alberto Ginastera M1037.G56 op.25 2000

Trois Morceaux pour Harpe Seule – Carlos Salzedo M117.S35 V37 2000

Suite for harp, op. 83 – Benjamin Britten M117.B75 op. 83 1970

Brass Trio : Trumpet, Horn, Trombone – Pinkham M357.4.P56 B73 1970

16 Songs: High – Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel M1620.H46 P3 High 1995

Exercices Progressifs : für Klavier zu zwei Händen – Pischna MT225.P67 E94 2000

4’33” – John Cage M1470.C34 F66 2012

Tubafest : Celebration fanfare : for four tubas (or two euphoniums and two tubas) – Karel Husa M457.4.H87 T92 2012

Serenade in D major : op. 77a for flute, violin and viola – Max Reger M362.R33 op.77a 1979

Terzetto, for flute, oboe and viola – Gustav Holst M362.H76 T4 1980

Quintett für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette in B, Horn in F und Fagott – Hans Werner Henze M557.H45 Q56 2000

Hungarian dances : for violin and piano (v1 and 2) – Johannes Brahms M223.B724 U5 1995

Pastorale for oboe, clarinet and bassoon – Darius Milhaud M357.2.M54 op.147 1990

Trio for B♭ clarinet, F horn and piano – George Rochberg M317.R63 T75 1981

Quintet for clarinet, two violins, viola, and violoncello, B flat major – Carl Maria von Weber M562.W43 op. 34 1989

Suite for viola and piano, opus 5 – Karel Husa M226.H87 S95 2012

Duo Concertant : violin and piano -Igor Stravinsky M221.S78 D86 2000

Duo Sonata No. 4 for Violin and Viola – Robert Baksa M287.B296 D88 2012

Sonata no. 4, op. 108 : for violoncello and piano – Lowell Liebermann M231.L54 op.108 2012

Sonata for violin and piano – Robert Beaser M219.B38 S66 2008

Have a great weekend!