Final Perk Presto is TONIGHT from 7-8:30, Mud Box

This is it, folks. We’ve pulled all-nighters, turned in that dang paper that has been weighing on us for months, or practiced our tushes off in an effort to pull of a great performance in our juries. Some of you are done and to you I say, go home! Some of you are in the thick of things and some can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it seems just out of reach (that one’s me).

Perk Presto! Wizard-themed Final Perk 12/12/12

The Final Perk, deemed “Presto” this year, is an annual event for all students to RELAX in the midst of the exam period. It will take place in the Mud Box cafe from 7-8:30pm TONIGHT (Wednesday, December 12).

This year’s Final Perk will feature wizard-themed trivia A.K.A. a rare opportunity to show off your extensive knowledge on all things Potter. Keeping with the wizard-theme, there will be a photo-booth and costumes to boot. If you’re feeling especially creative feel free to dress up as your favorite wizard, witch, Housemaster, ghost, goblin, wand-maker or whomever else: this event features a costume contest and the rewards could be bountiful.

The Final Perk is most known for its desserts which, I daresay, are among the most delicious I’ve had at AU. Tonight’s event will feature FREE gluten-free and vegan dessert options as well as other FREE tasty favorites. Complimentary coffee, tea and other drinks will be served as well.

This is the eighth year that the library has presented the Final Perk and they are joined in sponsorship by the Mud Box cafe, Friends of AU Library, Student Government, Graduate Leadership Council, Student Activities, the Resident Hall Association and the AU Alumni Association.

Oh, and there’s a chance that Dumblesheep will make a casual appearance…