This weeks STAFF PICKS: Brought to You by Ella!

Radiohead – Kid A (2324)

Genre: Electronica, Experimental Rock

A departure from the punk-rocky roots of Radiohead’s earlier albums, Kid A was a little hard for me to get into at first – but it was worth the time. Full of electronic blips and Thom Yorke’s distorted vocals, the effect is a fascinating, ambient, soundscape.  Personally I think it’d be really great star-gazing music. Favorite track on the album: How to Disappear Completely

Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd (3675)

Genre: Progressive Rock

I would consider Dark Side of The Moon one of the best (if not the best) rock albums out there. The album begins with just the sound of a heartbeat, and grows into an album that is a seamless, continuous piece of music. With philosophical lyrics, psychedelic guitar riffs, and some mean saxophone solos, the musicianship and experimentation present in this album blows me away every time. Favorite track on the album: Time

Elliott Smith – XO (3760)

Genre: Indie Rock

Elliott Smith’s whispery, mournful vocals and folky guitar are almost instantly recognizable. There’s something inexplicably magnetic to me about his darkly catchy and introspective music. I just started listening to Elliott Smith at the beginning of the semester, and can’t get enough (or recommend him enough)! Favorite track on the album: Waltz #2 (XO)

Unplugged – Eric Clapton (9794)

Genre: Acoustic Blues

In “Unplugged”, the emotion and soul really shines through Eric Clapton’s music. I grew up listening to this album courtesy of my parents. Recorded live in England for MTV’s unplugged project, “Unplugged” is an intimate, stripped down version of Clapton’s work. This album is bluesy and full of incredibly raw, sincere performances. Favorite track on the album: Layla

The Look of Love – Diana Krall (2873)

Genre: Vocal Jazz

Again, this is an album right out of my parent’s collection that I grew up with. Diana Krall has a breathtakingly smooth, expressive voice. This album always feels nostalgic to me. Good for relaxing after a long day, the album is full of tender love songs and lush orchestration that give the songs such a big band, romantic feel. Favorite track on the album: Cry Me A River