Staff Picks: Middle Eastern Edition


For my staff picks, I’ve chosen a survey of music from the Middle East. The selections range from classical to contemporary to folk, but each one is fascinating and fun to listen to!

Persian Classical Music: Sima Bina with Hossein Omoumi

Features classical Persian songs as well as sung poems, with accompaniment by the ney (a traditional Middle Eastern flute). (CD 1514)

Arabic Groove

Contemporary Arabic songs, from energetic dance music to more classic ballads. Includes a brief profile of each artist. (CD 5026)

Afghanistan: On Marco Polo’s Road (The Musicians of Kunduz and Faizabad)

This is a particularly interesting album, which documents a research team’s travels and recordings of traditional Afghan folk music. (CD 1616)

Turkish Groove

Similar to the Arab Groove CD, these are energetic, fun songs with their own Turkish flavor. (CD 5029)

23 Most Famous Israeli Folk Songs

Israeli folk, sung by noted Israeli artists including Ofra Haza and Arik Einstein. (CD 9343)